Austin Reeves talks about how special it is to play alongside LeBron James

Not many professional basketball players can say they’ve played four-time NBA champion LeBron James. As the Los Angeles Lakers star approaches his 20th NBA season, the chance for a number of young players to be able to connect with James is growing.

Not only was Austin Reeves a crowd favorite among Lakers followers, he was also James’s favorite in his short career with the Lakers.

In an interview with Shams Al Shaaraniya AthleteIn this article, Reeves details what it was like to play with James and shares how easy and fun it was in his second year with the Lakers:

“We’ve both been in the gym, working out, and really preparing for the season,” Reeves said. “Playing with him is so easy. I mean he really puts you in the right places for you to be successful, and also for the team as well. He’s really someone who can coordinate an entire game. For me to be able to share the word with him and you know, are these moments so special to me and you know, I hope to continue to do so.”

After a disappointing 2021-22 season, the Lakers hired an all-new coaching staff and tweaked the roster in order to prepare for a rebound year. To achieve success this season, Reeves believes it will affect the Lakers’ health.

The work that Reaves, James, and the rest of the Laker crew have done during the holiday period is twofold. First, it makes them healthy by becoming stronger and leaner. Second, the individual team chemistry and coexistence are improving, something the Lakers need with a new roster.

With the Reaves already establishing a strong relationship on and off the field with James, the goalkeeper is looking to thrive further with an attack that will feature James and Russell Westbrook preparing bowlers like the Reaves to drop open shots and beat the Lakers’ winning total.

Reaves could have done anything to meet Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant meant a lot of things to a lot of people. For this current young generation of professional athletes, Bryant’s work ethic and Mamba mentality have served as inspiration both on and off the field.

Players like Reeves, who has made his way into the current limelight and his role in the Lakers, have taken Bryant’s wisdom seriously, and as a result, Reeves has become a reliable 3D player for the team heading into the 2022-23 season.

Reaves recently shared his love for Bryant and how he would have done anything to meet the five-time NBA champion, although unfortunately he didn’t get that chance.

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