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Minnesota – It’s hard to draw out how good the University of Minnesota football team is after its non-conference schedule, but after three dominant wins, there are plenty of sources of encouragement.

The sample size will continue to grow, as will the caliber of the opposition starting this weekend. Minnesota (3-0) heads into the Big Ten opener against Michigan State (2-1) at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan.

“It’s going to be, again, a jumpstart for us from a competition standpoint; there’s no other way to say that,” Gopher offensive coordinator Kirk Ciaroca said on Wednesday.

Here’s a look at what the numbers say about Minnesota after 25% of the season:

The best, above average and relatively low

Pro Football Focus College ranks each stage of the game, providing a window into how each region is performing this season.

After easy victories over New Mexico, Western Illinois and Colorado, Minnesota has emerged as the darling of the popular analysis and rating site. Gophers received the highest score (97.8) from the PFF.

Gopher’s first four categories are: overall attack (96.7), passing (92.7), running (92.3) and defensive coverage (89.0).

The league’s bottom four categories are: Intervention (69.7), Fast Passing (73.0), Special Teams (75.2) and Pass Blocking (75.7).

A total dash of 314 yards would be impressive through three games, given his healthy 100-plus yard average.

But this number represents the total of Mohamed Ibrahim’s tunnel after contact. She leads the nation.

Minnesota Golden Gophers runs back Bryce Williams through a tackle from Colorado Jeremy Mac Jr. (3) in the third quarter, Sept. 17, 2022, at Huntington Bank Stadium.
Matt Blewitt/USA Today Sports

The generously inserted 5-foot-10, 210-pound rear tail was moving opponents through three games. He has 464 yards and seven touchdowns.

His low center of gravity obviously helps with breaking interventions, but so is his ability to avoid the brunt of contact and continue to move his feet after an injury.

Coach PJ Flick explained to Pioneer Press some intangibles of Ibrahim’s ability after the call.

“You’d better hit him,” Flick said. “(The defenses) make sure they have the first, second, and third level to bring it to the ground. It’s bypassing the first and second level and dealing with the third level.

“But I think it’s very low on Earth and has a great understanding of the center of gravity,” Flick said. “He knows where the blows are coming from. He has great vision. He can anticipate it. He can move his body to absorb the blow but also stay on his feet. … He can get out of it, run through it, climb through it, jump, and stop to break this.” designated intervention.”

Nobody in the country is better than Minnesota in third place—on both sides of the ball. Offense turns 77.5% of the time, and her defense only allows shifting 11.8% of the time.

These are just strange numbers. Over the past five years, the best offenses in the diversion have been just under 60% of the time, and the best defenses are, at best, about 27%.

In other words, Minnesota’s current level is unsustainable, but that kind of start could be a prelude to being among the best in December.

Joe Rossi, Gopher’s defensive coordinator, said the success was down to attention to detail and execution. As for Ciaroca, he will need to find the best in the passing game in third after first goal Chris Outman Bell sustained an injury at the end of the season.

PFF College ranks the four Gophers as the best in their position among the competition in the Power Five Conferences.

Two high-levels played by: Ibrahim (90.7) and Midfielder Tanner Morgan (94.1). Two have now just reached those heights: corner back Terrell Smith (85.1) and tight end Bravin Span Ford (90.5).

Spann-Ford is Minnesota’s No. 2 passer and target so far, and Autman-Bell’s share of passes thrown is expected to come his way.

It’s become quite a tight end,” Flick said Monday. “…Previn plays at a high level. But Brevyn must also finish the catch that turns into an interception (versus Colorado). Previn must be able to finish some blocks he knows he can finish. His pads must go down. That his first step gets better. His hand position could be better. But he’s playing at a high level.”

Smith is responsible for two of Gopher’s three takeaways – an interception against New Mexico State and a forced tripping of a sack against Colorado. Rossi praised the basics of the elderly.

“I think he’s playing at a really high level, and we need him, especially this week, especially against offensive arms (for Michigan State),” Rossi said. “He needs to keep improving and be a man we can count on.”

Minnesota in Michigan

When: 2:30 pm on Saturday

where: Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, Michigan.

Television: BTN

weather: 59 degrees, cloudy, 8 mph, north wind

Favorite bet: Minnesota, minus 3

records: Minnesota is 3-0 after outpacing its lower-level non-Conference opponents Colorado, New Mexico and Western Illinois with a combined score of 149-17. Michigan State is 2-1 after beating Western Michigan and Akron by 87-13. The Spartans finished 11th in an Associated Press poll until they lost 39-28 in Washington last week and were knocked out of the rankings.

Date: Minnesota has lost five consecutive times to Michigan State since 2010. The Gophers haven’t traveled to East Lansing since 2013, when they lost 14-3. In Minnesota, coach BJ Flick is 0-1 against the Spartans, a 30-27 home run in 2017.

Matching keys: Gophers versus secondary Spartans receptors. Minnesota will play the rest of the season without 1st seed Chris Outman Bell at wide after sustaining a leg injury in a 49-7 win over Colorado last week. He led the team with goals 23% of passes. The remaining passers will have chances against the MSU defense that is ranked 103rd in the nation.


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