For the 49ers, it’s now the Super Bowl or the bust

For the 2022 49ers race, anything short of a Super Bowl victory would be a failure.

San Francisco entered this season with a list considered by many to be the best in the NFL. The only question was whether new midfielder Tre Lance would be up to the task.

Quarterback question no longer exists.

Jimmy Garoppolo is in charge for the remainder of this season. The 49ers had a hit when Garoppolo managed to stay healthy.

In 2019, Garoppolo started all 16 games, resulting in San Francisco setting a 13-3 regular season record.

After an injury-filled 2020 Garoppolo returned in 2021 to lead the 49ers to a regular season record 10-7.

Two healthy seasons. Two playoff berth.

Unfortunately, that typical off-season success has yet to carry over beyond the season. The 2019 team failed, losing to Kansas City in the Super Bowl. They were one step away from a trip back to the Super Bowl in 2021. San Francisco eventually fell to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game.

Led by Nick Bosa, Fred Warner and Talanoa Huvanga, San Francisco’s defense only allowed 19 points during the first two weeks.

The 49ers attack showed that he can move the ball up and down the field behind a solid line and playmakers such as Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk.

With that foundation, the blueprint for success will be like what we saw during the second half of last season.

San Francisco will rely heavily on the running and defense game. With the quarterback asking to move the chains from the play movement and short throws, which provide opportunities for the future to pick up yards after the catch.

The 49ers will also rely on their defense to maintain his strong start to the season.

For San Francisco to win the Super Bowl, they will need Jimmy Garoppolo to raise his game in the postseason.

At the start of Garoppolo’s six playoffs, he threw six interceptions to just four touchdowns and saw his midfield rating drop from 98.4 to 74.1.

This is not the worst of it. In the fourth quarter of these playoffs, Garoppolo scored a passing rating of 28.0. To put that into perspective, it’s the fewest of any quarterback with at least 30 assists since 1991.

There is no doubt that 49 players have one of the most talented rosters in the league.

To win the Super Bowl requires a quarterback to play at some point, and San Francisco will go as far as Jimmy Garoppolo can take them.

No pressure Jimmy.

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