Garden City meeting held to start village-level traffic study

GARDEN CITY, NY – On September 28, the village will hold an introductory meeting to study traffic calming.

Creighton Manning, who had completed the Central Division Traffic Calming Study, was assigned to study the East, West, and Estate sections to evaluate and make recommendations for traffic calming measures to address the many traffic complaints the village receives each week. The study will look at possible remedies for all the different roads in the village, but the recommendations will focus on the village-owned streets.

The meeting will take place at the Senior Center, located at 6 Golf Club Lane, at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting is an opportunity for residents to participate in the study and provide input. Creighton Manning will share with residents the objective of the study, review the study areas, explain how those areas were identified, and summarize how the study was conducted.

During the presentation, Creighton Manning will provide examples of traffic calming treatments that may exit the school, as well as other actions the village might want to explore. The aim of the study is to provide the village with a master plan to calm traffic, aimed at making the streets safer, and community contribution will be key to these efforts.

The primary mechanism for feedback during the study will be the use of an online map app called Survey 123. The site allows residents to select specific locations and choose from a dropdown list of issues they see, such as speeding, dangerous driving, etc. Survey 123 will be published from the start of the survey for about a month (exact dates will be posted on the site).

For those residents looking to get more involved, they can register for one of the Community Advisory Committees (CACs) at the meeting. CACs are small groups of the population who will participate in two virtual meetings: an inception hearing and a planning review meeting to discuss concepts for treatments. The study calls for three groups (one from each department—East, West, and Estate) of about 20 residents; Spaces will be limited to ensure productive and efficient meetings.

Following Creighton Manning’s presentation focused on traffic calming measures, there will be a report on the status of current village requests surrounding county roads and advice from an attorney on limited measures within village control with respect to county roads.

While studying, Creighton Manning will work with village staff, including the Department of Public Works and the Garden City Police Department. Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson has been involved in previous studies. He contributed to the development of the scope of work for the new study and will be involved in reviewing vehicle speeds, crashes and other traffic-related data, as well as reviewing any treatment concepts that emerge in the later stages of the study.

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