Her ex-boyfriend Lindsey Vonn once revealed that Tiger Woods has dominated her in every single match except for one

The former couple, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods, separated in 2015. They dated for three years and later called it off. Both Vonn and Woods are great athletes. Amazing at their sports.

The spirit of their friendship is high even after the breakup. Woods is a legend, and Vaughn has lost to him in every sport. But there is one match in which Woods couldn’t beat the gold medal winner, Vaughn. Let’s find out which game Woods can’t compete with iPhone.


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Woods can’t beat Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn, the first woman to win a gold medal in skating, isn’t quite as good as Tiger Woods. How? She told USA Today in 2013 that she loses every game she plays with Tiger Woods. Be it any sport like table tennis or tennis; Woods is always a winner. And losing every game is something no one enjoys. However, there is one match in which Woods cannot match Vaughn.

ST. MORITZ, SWITZERLAND – MARCH 16: Lindsey Vonn of the USA poses with the Women’s World Cup Downhill Crystal Globe after the Women’s Downhill Race on March 16, 2016 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. (Photo by Matthias Hengst/Getty Images)

Vaughn told USA Today,“We really compete in everything, ping-pong and tennis and whatever. I usually lose, which is really frustrating.” But the only thing she excels at is hand slapping. Vaughn has better balance and reflexes, and Woods was unable to defeat her. And it’s no surprise that Vonn is a world-famous skater, so her reactions are bound to be awesome.

The skill set that she has is enormous. Ice skating is dangerous. You need to detect changes in your surroundings and respond immediately.

What drives Tiger Woods


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Woods is not only one of the best golfers but also a great athlete. He doesn’t give up quickly, and his win is clear to his fans. Woods has had a tough time in his personal and professional life, but his madness for winning has always caught up with him.

Tiger Woods won the Masters Championship with less than 18 points.
I’m courtesy: Getty Images

Woods once played at the US Open with an injury. His leg was broken and he was seen getting shot. Woods told ESPN that the win propelled him. Play golf to win. So it’s no surprise that he shot Vaughn in a ping-pong match. Also, he has been playing golf since he was a kid. It’s no shock because he loves free diving and weightlifting too. Hence, he is a great athlete.


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