Houston Astros Kyle Tucker loses main attacking achievement

Kicks per run is a team stat disguised as player stats. You won’t find any CEOs or GMs using the RBI to rate the hitter any more than you will find them using the Stolen Bases to rate the bowler.

However, players still care about RBI, as do managers. Just like a bowler winning, we all know it doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t make them any less fun.

So when Kyle Tucker became the 18th Houston Astro to beat the 100-RBI mark on Wednesday night, it was a big deal. Director Dusty Baker praised Daniel Lerner’s article for Houston Chronicle“Oh, I love it. That’s not something a lot of people, including me, get it. I was pulling it for him. I mean, boy, he shot from that ball too. Now, just go ahead and get some more.”

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