Kaulig Racing, Kyle Busch is a strong mating in 2023 and beyond

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Kaulig Racing is “very close” to announcing their 2023 NASCAR lineups and if people are paying attention, Kyle Busch has been at the center of speculation for the organization.

In fact, Kaulig Racing and Busch will change the landscape of NASCAR if the move proves to be happening.

Kyle Busch’s potential transfer to Kaulig Racing

Busch joining Kaulig Racing would be a move no one expected before the 2022 season started. Busch was returning to Joe Gibbs Racing before MARS decided to leave NASCAR.

That doesn’t mean Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing have stopped talking. However, the longer it runs, which should not be too long, the less likely it is that it will return to the organisation.

Bush has Joe Gibbs didn’t tell her That he won’t be able to get back into the #18 car from last Saturday before the NASCAR Cup Series race at Watkins Glen International.

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Matt Kaulig, owner of Kaulig Racing, loves to win trophies and there is no better driver on the market to do that for the organization than Busch, the most active driver in NASCAR.

There will be a descending effect as well. If Busch makes the switch to Kaulig, he’ll almost certainly bring Kyle Busch Motorsports to the NASCAR Truck Series Chevrolet party.

It’s not a blow to Chevrolet’s current teams in the truck series, but the manufacturer’s presence is not as strong in the series. Only two Chevrolet drivers participated in qualifying with five between 22 and 26 in the standings.

Busch knows how to find talent and this will definitely help raise the bar for the manufacturer’s pipeline. It will greatly help efforts to knock Toyota off the pedestal in the chain.

But, why would the two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion move to a relatively new team in the series?

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Why does Kyle Busch go to Kaulig Racing?

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It only makes sense in the world that Kaulig Racing would sign Busch. Imagine putting a future Hall-of-Famer next to Justin Haley and having it inside the store. It would do wonders for everyone.

However, there is a case for Busch to move to Kaulig Racing. Arguably, if Bosch were to bring a mid-sized team into contention for the championship, it would be one of his greatest accomplishments to date.

In addition, the organization is not far from winning races in this series. AJ Allmendinger won a road course last year and came close to two wins on the road course during the 2022 season.

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Noah Gregson also ran in the top five at the Michigan International MotoGP in early August. This wouldn’t be a death sentence move for Bush’s competitive future in NASCAR.

If Busch can raise the bar for the organization’s performance, there is no reason why he can’t win at least one race each year. They’ve been on the verge of winning a few times now.

Kaulig Racing is a Championship contender in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and it’s entirely reasonable to think that the Cup Series will see them become contenders at some point in the future.

Sponsorship concerns are likely not to be of much concern to the organization either. Both sides will be able to make it work if that is what happens in the coming days and weeks.

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It may seem unlikely on the surface but everyone should start paying attention to Kaulig Racing and what’s going on with this scenario. It’s not something that is simply thrown out for speculation.

College Racing would make sense. However, don’t rule out 23XI Racing because going to the organization would check every single box for Busch and Toyota if he didn’t return to Joe Gibbs Racing.

Busch’s decision will be announced sooner rather than later and when it does happen, it could change the landscape of NASCAR in ways unimaginable ahead of the 2022 season.

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