Lowe and Herring set 3 big business goals

The Phoenix Suns are not short of position options on the 2022-23 roster, but the rotation behind Deandre Ayton remains fairly high in the air heading to training camp and pre-season.

While upgrading from a player like Bismack Biyombo might be a worthwhile exercise, it’s unlikely to be a top priority for the Suns at this point. However, it can be helpful to keep an eye on certain names as the season progresses.

Three big men have been identified as potential business targets for the Phoenix Suns, but will they actually provide the needed value given the presence of Deandre Ayton?

Join Zack Lowe Sports Illustrated Chris Hering on a final episode of Post Lowe, where the couple discuss a slew of names as the Suns aim to upgrade their roster. It was surprising their conversation about the big stock in Phoenix, despite re-signing with Ayton and Biyombo, trading for Jock Landale and recovering Dario Saric from injury.

With the Indiana Pacers going into rebuilding mode, Herring sees Miles Turner as a potential option even though it was the start of most of his NBA career.

“He’s a guy I think of when promoting from someone like Sarek who could be four or five years for you if he needed to…He did it and he’s a good enough three-point shooter.”

Miles Turner, Dender Eaton and the Phoenix Suns. Mandatory credit: Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The theoretical idea of ​​a Turner as a large, indoor fire suppressor is great, but it is said that it has been in the commercial block for several years and no one has made a move for it yet. Although he could play alongside Ayton for some periods, the lack of perimeter defense is likely to be a huge hurdle for Turner to play more than 25 minutes per game.

Hering also identified Wendell Carter Jr. As a potential option he could, like Turner, play minutes in both the forward and center power positions. The 23-year-old is coming off an impressive season with the Orlando Magic, averaging 15 points and 10.5 rebounds in about 30 minutes per game.

“His peripheral play has stretched a little bit.. I feel like you saw hints of what he could have been like last year, and if you put him in a good team where he doesn’t have to do all that much, maybe he could shine a bit more,” Hering said.

Lowe joined other prospects for Herring, and agreed that John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks would be a good look. The 24-year-old has been a productive player throughout his career, yet he often finds himself involved in commercial discussions.

“It’s not happening now, the Hawks don’t trade John Collins… We’ve got 40 games a season and it’s not going right and there’s a godfather show on the table…” Lowe said.

While all of these cute names can make an impact on the Suns, they all make top quality players for a team set with a youngster, great start-up improvement. It’s highly unlikely that Phoenix will give up the assets required to acquire one of these players, knowing that they’ll be heading into a lower role unlike what we’ve seen of them in recent seasons.

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