NBA 2K23 All Music Trivia Answers

As NBA 2K23 players progress through the story mode, they will face off against Marvin and Ben. To win the Music Zone, players must answer a series of trivia questions about everything to do with music. Here are all the answers and trivia questions about NBA 2K23’s music.

Music Trivia 1

“The Truth Hurts” Was Any Artist’s Number One Crush?
Answer 1: Lizo.

Which group of rock royalty insist they’ll rock you?
Answer 2: queen.

On their 1992 hit track, What Did Pete Rock and CL Smooth “Do to You?”
Answer 3: I remember.

Music Trivia 2

Which rapper won the NBA Celebrity Game MVP award in 2018?
Answer 1: Quavo.

Kendrick Lamar appeared on any Taylor Swift single?
Answer 2: Bad blood.

Which Missy Elliot song was “Ti esrever dna ti pilf” featured in?
Answer 3: Work.

Music Trivia 3

In the popular TV situation comedy “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, what is the name of the character played by Will Smith?
Answer 1: will Smith.

Rapper Childish Gambino was a co-star in which TV series?
Answer 2: social communication.

What is the classic Diana Ross version sampled in “Money Mo Problems” by a notorious BIG?
Answer 3: IM out.

Music Trivia 4

Drake and Future’s single “Jumpman” from their respected mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive” is named after the logo inspired by which former basketball player?
Answer 1: Michael Jordan.

Nayvadius Wilburn is better known by what alternative nickname?
Answer 2: future.

In 1984, which iconic rapper and soul legend collaborated on the classic and cult hit “Unity”?
Answer 3: Africa and James Brown.

Music Trivia 5

Was Lauren Hill part of which group?
Answer 1: Fujis.

Flava Flav tried to find love in any reality show?
Answer 2: Love flavor.

I opened the DOC “It’s Funky Enough” by asking any question?
Answer 3: Are you ready for this?

Music Trivia 6

“You’re Right” is a collaboration between Doja Cat and?
Answer 1: weekend.

Who defeated the Lakers in “Today was Good Day” by the Ice Cube?
Answer 2: sonics.

Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Moe Tucker were known as ?
Answer 3: Velvet vault.

Music Trivia 7

What should Warren G and Nate Dogg have done?
Answer 1: to organize.

A tribe called the Quest, De Sol, and the Brothers of the Forest were known as what?
Answer 2: original tongues.

What is the band’s album named after Madame Butterfly?

Answer 3: Weezer.

Music Trivia 8

According to Run DMC, while Peter Piper picked peppers, Run did what?
Answer 1: Shake rhymes.

Which rock artist had a brother who was also part of their band?
Answer 2: Eddie Van Halen.

Kim Gordon gave vocals and bass to which band?
Answer 3: The voice of youth.

Music Trivia 9

In the ’94 Wu-Tang Clan song, what is the title of CREAM for an acronym?
Answer 1: Money rules everything around me.

Rihanna’s “SOS” sampled “Tainted Love” recorded by Soft Cell in 1981. But who scored the original and much better version of “Tainted Love”?
Answer 2: Gloria Jones.

Frank Zappa’s band The Soul Giants became widely known after changing their name to What?
Answer 3: mothers of invention.

Music Trivia 10

What is the nickname of Louis Armstrong?
Answer 1: satchmo.

How old was Stevie Wonder when he first hit the Billboard 100 chart?
Answer 2: 13.

Paul Desmond composed which standard made famous by the quartet Dave Brubeck?
Answer 3: take five.

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