NBA fans can’t believe James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns and Tra Young rank higher than Jimmy Butler on ESPN’s latest list: “Butler is so underrated he’s crazy.”

Jimmy Butler has been one of the best players in the NBA for a few seasons now. Although he doesn’t get the same recognition as the others, Jimmy gets the job done, always helping his teams make the playoffs at least every season.

After two turbulent spells in Minnesota and Philadelphia, he appears to have found his place in the world in Miami, playing in the NBA Finals in the first season, being eliminated in the first round in the second campaign and then making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

With all these good performances, one would think Butler could be considered a top 10 player in the league, but that’s the exact opposite of what happens. ESPN released another top 100 player segment for the upcoming season, putting Butler at 17.

NBA fans can’t believe James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns and Tra Young rank higher than Jimmy Butler on ESPN’s latest list

NBA fans constantly talk about these lists on social media and forums, and this time was no exception. After Redditor “Brady331” shared the list, everyone had a lot to say.

#25: Anthony Edwards

#24: Donovan Mitchell

#23: Pam Adebayo

#22: Jaylene Brown

#21: Chris Paul

#20: Anthony Davis

#19: Bradley Bell

#18: Rudy Gobert

#17: Jimmy Butler

No. 16: Tra Young

#15: Paul George

#14: Damien Lillard

No. 13: Karl Anthony Towns

#12: Kawhi Leonard

No. 11: James Harden

Besides the fact that Butler couldn’t make it to the top ten this season, they were offended by the fact that James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns and Tra Young are all a rank higher than Jimmy.

So, outside the usual seven stars (Giannis, Steve, DK, LeBron, Embiid, Luka and Jokic in no order), Tatum, Morant and Booker are in the top 10.

If any of those people got inside the top seven, this sub would break out lol.

Also how can KAT be justified on a butler at this point? Strange menu all over the place.

Trae Young on Jimmy is even worse since they went head to head in the playoffs and Jimmy destroyed him. Same for Harden.

I do not even understand PG on the butler. Jimmy has been better for a few years now.

Butler is so insanely underrated. Over the past three years he has always placed fifth in the top five in analytics and has brought his team to the finals and the 7th ECF game in that period as well.

Putting him outside the top ten after this year’s pregnancy job is just utter disrespect.

Agreed, he landed a few MONSTER offers in the Play or Die series. I would consider myself a supporter of KAT, because I believe it brings a rare skill set to the table. But anyone who watched last year’s playoffs and thought KAT was better than Jimmy Butler, have lost their minds.

That’s because Butler doesn’t put up good numbers. He won big and people are holding it against him.

Yes, I understand it doesn’t subtract 30ppg but I thought ESPN “analysts” would be better off looking at pure count stats. Over the past three seasons, Jimmy has been in the top ten each year in RAPTOR +/-, BPM, and ws/48, coming into third place in those rankings.

Jimmy Butler is “that guy”. #16 Fucking. He is clearly the best player in one of the top 4 teams last year.

Not really, he recently had two great runs, one where he was the best player in the playoffs until he was eliminated and the other where he put two historic games into the finals.

He had a bad streak against the unstoppable Bucks and people acting this way is enough to get him out of the top 10 conversation

It’s more consistent than most stars outside of Lebron, Steph, Jokic, and possibly Embiid. Tatum this subsequent season had more outrageous matches then Jimmy did as did Harden and CP3. If Jimmy is inconsistent and that’s a knockout what the hell is Chris Paul.

How is the khat higher than the butler?

My guess based on the list so far is that due to a combination of 1.) the expected improvement of KAT with list changes and/or the expected regression of Butler along with 2.) assessment of availability and robustness.

Harden over Tra and Jimmy in 2022-23 is a very crazy experience

Jimmy and Kohei deserve the top 10, while Morant and Booker don’t.

These lists always bring controversy at the table, and fans are always ready to engage in heated discussions in defense of their favorite players. In this case, the majority of fans agreed that Butler deserves to be in the top ten this year, but ESPN analysts have different plans.

Given how disrespect fuels Butler, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the season starts off being more competitive, especially when he faces Harden and Young, two players he easily won last season.

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