NFL Network’s Tom Pellisero says Mitch Trubesky is being evaluated ‘week to week’ as a Steelers starter

While Mike Tomlin insists he’s not considering a midfield change, NFL Network’s Tom Pellisero sings a slightly different tune. Appearing on the NFLN ahead of tonight’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, Pelissero made clear Trubesky’s standing as a starter for the team.

“Mike Tomlin has not given any public or private indication that he is considering a change of midfielder at this very early stage of the season,” Pellisero said. “What I understand at this point, it’s a week-to-week assessment. The Steelers quarterback’s plans will dictate how Trubisky plays tonight’s start.”

If Trubisky plays well, he will still be the starter. If not, he won’t. It’s not exactly the most straightforward analysis you’ll ever give here, but it’s important to note the team mentality. Tomlin publicly sided with Trubisky when this team’s starter was off the whole season, trying to frame things as a competition, but told his team to return in the spring that Trubisky entered the year as a start. But after a poor performance against the New England Patriots last Sunday, there are already plenty of calls – from fans, critics and former Steelers – to play rookie Kenny Beckett.

Fellow NFL Network teammate Brian Baldinger thinks Pickett could make his debut tonight.

“Maybe they need this guy to spark the passing game because that’s the strength of the team they are their receivers. And they have to get the ball on the court more regularly. If they were struggling in the first half, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them go to Beckett in the second tonight.” .

With two games in, the Steelers had only two offensive touchdowns and scored 30 points, and the other touchdown comes via picking Minkah Fitzpatrick’s Pick-six in the first week opener. Despite the Patriots making 17 points last week, the Steelers lost the game, having played only seven games in the final quarter, and fought two three times.

Bellisero and Baldinger emphasized the love of the team and the organization for Trubesky as a person, and they voted for him as captain, but this has only gotten him a foul so far. Pellisero explained that there was frustration in the reception room.

“These receivers want him to push the ball down the court and put it in the playmaker’s hands.”

Deontay Johnson averages less than nine yards per catch, Chase Claypool averages less than six yards per catch, and George Pickens has a two-game reception. This has to change and it will need to start tonight. Trubisky should also read down the succession better and take fewer bags. While Trubisky still appears in line to be the Steelers’ starter for longer, that conversation could change if he’s struggling tonight and Pittsburgh dips to 1-2 on the year.

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