Nuggets release a new version of Z Mile High City

With the upcoming 2022-23 season, the fan-favorite Mile High City uniform has evolved

Evolve, change and grow.

The Denver Nuggets’ signature uniform wears a fresh look.

A team uniform that draws inspiration from the city’s nickname “Mile High City,” as Denver sits at one mile above sea level, the highest elevation of any NBA team, and has evolved once again in preparation for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Nuggets release a new version of Z Mile High City

The unanimous favorite among fans and players alike that debuted in the 2018-2019 season reflects this spirit of evolution, building on beloved elements of the original uniform in harmony with the inclusion of new elements and color palettes.

The new Mile High City outfit will feature the addition of two gold strokes inscribed in the Nuggets’ global iconic logo and the Mile High City secondary logo, both of which appear on the chest. The standard number, previously shaded white, will now be displayed in bright yellow to reflect the more than 300 days of sunlight Denver receives annually. Finally, an iron-on red addition will be used to trim the elements. The contrast of yellow and red will blend with vibrant cobalt blue in this fresh new look for this iconic Nuggets outfit.

“The Mile High City costume is as consistent with the story of evolution and change as our city is,” said Declan Bolger. “The city does not stand still and likewise, our team does not stand still. Denver is a rapidly changing and evolving city. As it has grown, it has added a musical and artistic presence as well as strong entrepreneurial developments and technology spirit.”

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