Phocaz Announces Traffic Design Manager Platform | Geographical news of the week

The new solution is powered by Bentley Systems’ iTwin platform.

One of the biggest buzzwords in today’s advanced electronics world is the concept of “digital twins,” which has long been seen as just a buzzword with no real, tangible value. This view is certainly beginning to change, as the accessibility of these tools continues to improve over time. The market certainly supports the idea that this is no longer just a high-concept buzzword but rather a high-value tool that businesses need to use, with one estimate predicting that the digital twin industry will reach $125.7 billion by 2030, a compound growth rate Annual (CAGR) 39.48 percent over that period. In general, this technology is more associated with construction projects for individual buildings, although the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe industrial metaverse is expanding this scope. However, a lot of spaces can benefit from the insights that digital twins provide, with traffic management being one example.

We brought this up because of a recent announcement from software company Phocaz, which earlier this month announced the official release of its new Traffic Design Data Manager, powered by Bentley Systems’ iTwin platform. This traffic design is able to run (mostly) smoothly which is something many of us will likely take for granted, but it is a very complex process with ever-changing factors to consider and a lot of moving parts to consider. The new Phocaz solution aims to solve these problems, leveraging the Bentley iTwin platform to collect design data and graphic workflow. At a high level, the goal of the program is to simplify the vast amounts of data that transportation agencies must consider in order to more easily gather ideas and make decisions based on that data.

The program was originally created for the Florida Department of Transportation, and is now available for addition to other agencies. Phocaz is proud that with the software, agencies will be able to save time with the ability to automatically capture potential quality issues, and no longer need to go through the often tedious process of checking and re-examining potential design issues. They also note increased data confidence across discipline areas and silos through improved data integrity. Finally, they advocate eliminating paper — a win for both costs and sustainability goals — for quality assurance and quality control.

More broadly, Traffic Design Manager eliminates a very common problem in industries adjacent to the AEC, which is a number of isolated departments working with different software that do not work well together. This software combats that by compiling data and graphical workflows from discipline areas, all in the same environment without the need to export to different file formats. In addition, the program is based on a web browser rather than a separate application, which makes it much easier to access for many people and easy to use. Going forward, Phocaz notes that they’re looking to include more quality testing, add support for new reporting capabilities, and add improvements to reporting and tracking. They hope to make these changes sometime in 2022, as well as build automated quality agents to inform design leaders of issues, eliminating the need for visual design checks.

Bentley’s iTwin platform has revolutionized many different applications as it continues to partner with emerging solutions for a variety of use cases. Only over the past few months have they announced partnerships with digital binary platforms such as AKULAR and SmartViz, as well as security platforms such as Digital Energy’s ODIN. Through the iTwin Partner Program, Bentley Systems provides a solid foundation upon which startups can build SaaS solutions to design, build and operate their platforms. By providing this foundation, they allow young companies to focus on what they know best to build their vision more easily and effectively.

About this partnership with Phocaz, Adam Klatzkin, Vice President of iTwin Platforms at Bentley Systems, said, “We are very excited that Phocaz has added a traffic design data manager app to the iTwin driver. In doing so, Phocaz joins the growing ecosystem of software developers who They enable dual digital solutions through the Bentley iTwin platform. The Traffic Design Data Manager is a great example of how dual digital technologies can improve road construction and design by automating the capture of design quality issues and increasing data confidence across traditional, isolated areas of the discipline.”

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