Top 10 Emerging Trends to See at Natural Products Expo East

Throughout the year, New Hope Network’s team of content and data analysts combine consumer insights with leading market data and research Natural Products Expo exhibitors to identify the most influential products and brands that will appear on the trade show floor. These higher trends – and the “reasons” behind them – use innovation to bring health, joy, and justice to all people, while reviving the planet.

1. Renewable agriculture builds trust through transparency

Renewable agriculture has become the poster child for climate change mitigation. The problem is that without a clear definition, the term is at risk of bleaching green or being “natural” another ill-defined. This trend is about how companies get third-party certification, achieve traceability from start to shelf, and forge strong partnerships to ramp up their efforts. Read more.

2. Roadmaps to Support Diversity

The natural products industry is striving to support diversity and inclusivity in both its formula and who it serves, but there’s more to do. This “trend” is a real cultural shiftOne It explores the commitments retailers and brands have to serving diverse communities and advancing diverse owned brands. Read more.

3. Consumers are looking for brands that focus on sustainability, and the impact on climate change

Brands are doing a lot to reduce their environmental footprint and transform their business models. But developing a sustainability plan is only part of the challenge. This trend explores how companies can communicate efforts to effectively educate consumers and increase demand for planet-friendly products. Read more.

4. Partnerships and collaborations are new ways of doing business

Competition “too yesterday”. The future of the CPG industry is largely rooted in how companies partner to drive innovation, increase brand awareness, and amplify positive impact. As a result of the collaboration, the industry is making significant progress in waste reduction, sustainable packaging and renewable agriculture. Read more.

5. In personal care, “less” means less water, less packaging, and less waste

From using organic ingredients to sourcing wild-harvested plants and minimizing packaging footprints, personal care companies prioritize sustainability throughout the supply chain. A good example of this is the trend towards water-free personal care products such as shampoo bars, solid deodorants, and powder skin care products. Read more.

6. Consumers find happiness through empowerment

As people seek to take back control of their lives, happiness and love have become inextricably linked with empowerment. Complementary and functional food and beverage companies embrace this message because they deliver positive health outcomes and connect emotionally with their customers. This trend highlights how companies are using messages like “inner love,” “good vibes” and “radiant glow” to communicate the benefits of products like immune shots, energy snacks, and beauty chocolates. Read more.

7. Plant-based brands support environmental and animal welfare concerns

With the plant-based market booming, many vegan brands are digging into CPG and standing out among a sea of ​​veggie options by demonstrating how Plant Champions support big sustainability efforts. This trend proves that it is no longer sufficient to be animal-free; The heroes of today and tomorrow are transparent about nutrient density, sourcing, water use, carbon footprints, supply chains, and more. Read more.

8. Bringing “I” back into personal nutrition

Intuitive eating and individual health markers, as well as value-based decisions, make it difficult to box consumers and blur the lines of the future of food. Although specific diets have not completely disappeared, consumers are increasingly embracing the nuances and individuality of nutrition. This trend is manifested in product marketing and positioning being less tied to a specific diet and more focused on product benefits and healthy ingredients. Read more.

9. Consumers most concerned about the harmonious mood

Given the situation over the past few years, it is not surprising that the leading state of perception that attracts consumers today is the mood. This trend explores the boom in sales of products that treat mood, adrenal glands, stress and sleep, all of which have increased 100% since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

10. Foundational wellness is a major concern after the onset of the pandemic

The pandemic has become a kind of litmus test that has exposed just how unhealthy we really are — and the various health concerns in the modern era that have plagued many consumers, such as heightened anxiety, stress, and sleep disturbances. This trend examines how nutritional supplements can help meet the moment and improve health on a daily basis. Read more.

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