1-1 with Brian Dabul heading to Monday Night Football vs the Cowboys

Q: Daniel has been sacked eight times, plus he’s had 16 lunges – two of them got on his knees. That’s a lot of times he’s likely to get hit. He seems to be very good at getting out of bounds or slipping. Does that relieve your anxiety of being exposed to it? \

Daboll: “I don’t make comparisons, but I’ve coached midfielders who run a lot. And I’m confident that when the ball is in his hand, he’ll make the right decision. I can sit here and say, ‘Get down.'” I mean, there’s a game flow: you have to do down first, when you’re smart, when you want to. And when you put the ball in anyone’s hands, you have to trust that they will make the right decision.”

Q: One of the big stories this week is that Kenny Goladay only did two shots on Sunday. I imagine he’s not the first player I’ve told his playing time is shrinking. Can you say to the players in this situation, “Things change in the league all the time. You have to be patient. You just have to work hard?” Things have definitely changed for Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco quarterback), who didn’t get the playbook and was banned from meetings at the training camp.

Daboll: “It’s the NFL. You can’t make everyone happy. That was a decision we made last week. And Kenny was a professional. He did everything we asked of him. It’s not that Kenny played bad. He did everything we asked of him. He was. professional, and he will continue to work. I fully trust him.”

Q: (Wide Receiver) Ritchie James is your flagship receiver. Two of your three receptions are (Defender Chris) Mayrick and (Daniel) Bellinger. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that. It looks like you have a lot of players involved. Do you feel this way?

Daboll: “There’s strength in numbers. There are times when you have a team where you’re going to feed one person in particular or two people – our team is (number) 26. I think you can increase people’s involvement, whether it’s Bellinger, Myarick, Sills, KG (Golladay), James, KT (Kadarius Toney) – They’re all here for a reason. When you bring them to a game, there are times when you want to try to use all of them. There are times when you think the best thing to do is to stay consistent with what you have. It’s week to week.”

Q: Earlier in the week it seemed like you were very optimistic about the return of (out-back) Kayfon (Teboudou) and/or (out-back) Aziz (Ogolari). They have been out in training and getting reps for the team.

Daboll: “I’ve been hoping for the last few weeks, so I’m optimistic this week. Does that mean they’ll play? I don’t know.”

Q: If you take them back and you have (Outside-Back) Auchan (Zemens) and Hedi (Out-Back Jehad Ward), that sounds like a very good combination. Does it give you options to make all four of them available?

Daboll: “We’ll see. We haven’t discussed that yet. So, it’s hard to answer that now. We’ll see where those guys are at the end of the week. Obviously, we have different packages that we’ve used defensively. As a coaching staff, whether that’s in defense or in the kicking game or Offensive, active guys, you try to find some roles for them. It might be in special teams, it might be in a few groups of people. We try to use all of our guys if we can.”

Q: We don’t know what the condition of Leo (defensive lineman Leonard Williams) is yet. Since the middle of the junior season, Dexter Lawrence hasn’t played a game without Leo by his side. If Leo doesn’t play, will that affect Dexter?

Daboll: “No, I think Dexter is a professional. He’s going to get out there and do his job. It’s like you’re an offensive line guy. We’re rotating the guards there. Everyone has to do their job to the best of their ability and trust the person next to them to do their job.” Sure, there is intimacy when you play with a man. But I think Dexter, I don’t want to speak for him, has as much confidence in men as we do.”

Q: (Linebacker) Jaylon Smith is an interesting signature (for coaching staff). He was here last year and was previously selected in the second round by Dallas. What did you see in it?

Daboll: “We’ll try to upgrade the roster any way we can. He’s in the coaching team. Our system has to learn. We’ll see how it goes over time. Whether it’s a coaching team, or adding a roster, I think (general manager) Joe (Schoen) and the scouting division , we have several test guys on Monday and Tuesday, whether it’s for an emergency purpose, whether it’s to have a look at someone on the coaching staff to see how they look and move more than just a workout. And once those guys are here, we see how they fit into our culture and our organization and we get on a better evaluation of them.”

Q: It looks like (the Cowboys wide receiver Michael) is going to play Gallup. (Dalton narrow end) Schultz is uncertain. They’re talking about possibly lifting (addressing) Jason Peters from the coaching squad. When there is doubt about some of the opponent’s players, does it affect your preparation?

Daboll: “No. Our focus is on us and getting better at the things we need to do. Whether you go back and study the (Cowboys quarterback Cooper) Rush at the (Cincinnati) Bengals or last year against the (Minnesota) Vikings or you go back and watch the Peters or Gallup tape last year. , you look at individual matches to make sure you’re on top of it. I think it’s important for the players to do that too – the players who are likely to play – make sure you clearly watch the tape they are playing in. And if they’re there, they’re there. And if they’re not, they’re They are not.”

Q: You are kind of a connoisseur of midfielders. What do you think about seeing Cooper Rush running her attack unlike Duck (Prescott)?

Daboll: “I think he’s a good player. I think when they give him space, he does well. He throws the ball really well and accurately. He’s played two games, won two games – towards the end of the game too. He makes good decisions with football. He seems to have an understanding Strong for what they want to do offensively. So, he is a good, young midfielder.”

Q: They’ve redesigned their (offensive) line, but they still have (goalkeeper) Zach Martin there. You’ve seen a great stat on Martin: eight years, seven Pro Bowls, five penalties.

Daboll: “That’s very good. I’ll accept that.”

Q: If you were watching a tape of the Cowboys and all the players were wearing white shirts, would (back-back) Micah Parsons stand out?

Daboll: “Yeah. I said that earlier this week, it’s a problem. He lines up in several places. He can do anything you ask him to do. He’s so talented. Explosive, quick, quick, instinctive, a playmaker. He’s a fun guy. To watch it when you’re not ready to play it.”

Q: It’s not very fun when you are.

Daboll: “It’s absolutely true.”

Q: (Cornerback Trevon) Diggs has 14 interceptions in two seasons. He had two against the Giants last year; Is there a line between wanting Daniel to know where he is, but not wanting him to worry so much about where he is?

Daboll: “The focus is back on us. And with Daniel, he trusts his eyes and makes good decisions. I’ve known Tre for a while. He’s a soccer player. I would just say when you watch Mika, you watch Trevon. He has very good awareness. He’s instinctive. He’s tall. He guesses correctly many times and plays on the ball. He has incredible ball skills. A smart player. He runs in his family.”

Q: John Vasell, the Dallas Special Teams coordinator, is known for his tools.

Daboll: “Yes, 29 of them.”

Q: Did you count them? He tries to use one in almost every match. Should your group be particularly aware of it this week?

Daboll: “I would say you have to be aware against him. He’s been doing that for a long time. He’s had a lot of good success with him. And you can practice these things. It’s not going to be what he’s going to do that. You have to be vigilant for that. No You still have to play your basics and quests because it’s not a thing for every game. But it probably will. There’s a good chance. And I’d say the same offensively with (Offensive Coordinator) Kellen (Moore). But again, these are just plays on you. you play in them the basics of defense or the punctuation or if they are a side surprise or if they have a bounce or a sleepy play they have a lot of different things they run that can’t detract from your missions or the basics of what we have to do We just have to be vigilant about that, and we’ve practiced a number of them. It’s probably going to happen. And we just have to do a good job of reacting when that happens.”

Q: Last week you talked about looking at league positions to teach examples. Looks like there’s a lot of them – many comebacks last week or (Brown running back) Nick Chubb not going back in Cleveland.

Daboll: “Always there.”

Q: Isn’t there more than usual?

Daboll: “There’s a lot every week. The power is in the details. So learning it as a coaching staff when it happens is important so you can teach it to the players. I like to think we’ve been prepared all through the spring and summer and covering every possible situation, but when you think that, There’s always another situation that pops up or something that hasn’t happened in three years, and what a great learning experience. You just hope you’re not on that tape.”

Q: Whether you’re ahead or behind, I think the message never stops playing.

Daboll: “Our motto is 60 minutes, no matter the score or situation, play the next play. That’s what the opponents do, just play the next play. It’s my humble league, sometimes from play to play, and you have to get rid of that last thing, good or bad, And go to the next step.”

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