3 reasons to stay optimistic about the 2022 Denver Broncos

September 19, 2021; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Denver Broncos midfielder Bradley Chubb (55) reacts against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Tia Punk Field. Mandatory credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 season for the Denver Broncos got off to a very rough start, with poor training leading to some disappointing stumbles against an inferior competition.

However, not everything should be bleak for the Broncos at this point in the season. There are 15 games left to play this season. The public narrative could be overturned if training problems were able to fade into the background of the talent roster.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at why you should remain optimistic about this iteration of the Denver series.

1. Denver Broncos Passing Power Rush

For a long time at Mile High Sports, we’ve been discussing how the Denver Broncos’ defensive front is one of the biggest X-factors on this team.

The floor was very low, with Bradley Chubb And Randy Gregory have a fluctuating injury history, while Nick Bonito and Baron Browning They were unfixed and potentially one-dimensional goods.

So far, Bonitto’s addition hasn’t quite worked out, but Chubb, Gregory and Browning have been fantastic so far this season. The presence of this trio backed by the Jones Brothers, Dremont and DJ has led the Broncos to have one of the most ferocious passing units in the league.

The Broncos are ranked eighth in pressing rate, and they have three top 20 players in passing win rate among EDGE defenders.

Thanks to this powerful passing dash, Denver was able to survive after both of their top secondary defenders (Patrick Sertin II and Justin Simmons) fell into much of their confrontation with the Houston Texans.

2. Exhausted high school is still stingy

The Denver Broncos may be without their top players, both of whom are in the team’s high school starting positions, but so far, the secondary appears to be consistent.

They certainly get aided by the impressive rush of passes, but Ronald Darby has been playing excellent football against Sirtein, and his impressive play has been a factor in why Sirtein has been targeted so often in the youth season.

K’Waun Williams also beats his free-agent rate, as despite being signed for a meager $2.1 million cap, he’s been a force in the running game and has been pretty consistent in coverage.

Damary Mattis remains a rather big question mark and a mistake between Davis Mills and Brendan Cokes saved him from giving up a touchdown pass on Sunday, but he looked promising in limited work to fill in Patrick Serten second. The fact that he didn’t immediately become a major liability to the Denver defense, considering he was replacing the team’s top player as a starter on day three, is a very promising sign.

Then, in the background, Caden Sterns and PJ Locke stepped up big to help fill out Justin Simmons. However, the difference here is that we’ve seen Stearns and Luke fill to a high level before, which isn’t the case with Mattis, which makes Stearns and Luke’s play likely more sustainable.

Within two weeks, the Broncos ranked seventh in projected points added for each retreating opponent, and sixth in DVOA passing defense. This is remarkable considering that the Broncos were without Simmons for half of that data set and without Surtain for about a third of it.

3. Denver Broncos offensive supporting talent heads up

Another one of the big X factors in this off-season is what the talent support team will look like.

The Denver Broncos have had a somewhat questionable offensive streak over eons, and while they haven’t been perfect through a couple of games, they’ve done very well considering their lower prefixes, and are having to adapt to a new blocking system. after, after The loss of Mike Monchak. The fact that Monchak’s name has been mentioned so little in the past two weeks is a positive.

The biggest question mark from the offensive line was the receiving weapons, and so far, the return there has also been promising. Montreal Washington has outperformed his draft status so far, and Jerry Judy looks set for it finally It made him break into the NFL. Finally, Courtland Sutton is back in performance as a frontier star.

The question marks on retraction have always been rather small, surrounding only Melvin Gordon’s age, but two weeks into the season, Gordon looks like one of the positive outliers in the position. Meanwhile, Jafonte Williams remains the dominant full-back, even if his vision hasn’t progressed as far as one would have hoped.

Now, to be fair, the mystery of Albert Okwijpunam and Greg Dolch’s injury added uncertainty to the tight end room, but both Andrew Beck and Eric Sobert had strong showings to help balance that.

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