4 Free Agents Chicago Bears Should Entertain With Tests

The Chicago Bears have already seen their ups and downs this season. With a 1-1 record, and a heavy loss for the Green Bay Packers, there is no reason to panic. Nobody expected this team to be so great this year. In fact, most of the national media have won three or fewer games this season. Funny enough, the team has already won a third of the expected win total and there is still 88 percent of the season left to play. The chances of them getting past 1-14 are very slim.

What we want to see is more from Justin Fields. Fields struggled in-game versus packs in Week 2. He only threw 11 passes, but if you factor in actual dips, it’s 18 attempted passes. These are still not enough attempts in my opinion, but Fields also left plays on the pitch. He had a sack at the start of the game where he held the ball for a long time after getting it right into the pocket. He flopped on that play despite having two outlets to throw it at Cole Quitt and David Montgomery. This is not the only example.

Often, Fields didn’t trust his receiver to be open in this game. He needs to expect his receivers to be open and shooting the football. We need to start seeing what we saw in the pre-season game against Brown on a consistent basis. If Fields struggles again against Houston in week three, we may need to start worrying about his future a little more. Fortunately, I have faith that Fields will be back in a big way this week and although my confidence has fluctuated a bit, I still expect them to win this game.

In the meantime, the Chicago Bears should consider bringing in a few free agents to visit to see if they can help this team in any way — even if it’s just for their experience.

The Chicago Bears should consider bringing in linebacker Janoris Jenkins

We see two young players struggling a bit in defense in Killer Gordon and Jacoan Brisker, but Gordon was the worse of the two. The rear corner depth chart is full of younger players and Jaylon Johnson is already beginning to establish himself as a reclusive angler while the hope is for Gordon to be a playmaker. Unfortunately, with two games, Gordon allowed to complete 15 of his 20 goals for 210 yards and touchdowns. The quarterbacks had a 125 QB rating as they were tossing in his direction.

The Chicago Bears may want to contact Janoris “Jackrabbit” Jenkins to see if they can add some valuable experience to the Bears Cornerback room. Jenkins is a 10-year veteran and has clearly declined over the years, but when you have the likes of Kindle Vildor, Lamar Jackson and Jaylon Jones as deep in the corner, Jenkins might be worth a look as a one-year rental option.

Matt Eberflus could use someone with Jenkins experience, even if only to help bring in his younger players. Jenkins will not be relied upon as a starter by any means. He can help in rotations, and even though he’s 33, he started 13 games with the Titans last year, allowing only 61.1 percent of his goals to be completed. In 2019 and 2020, he kept his opponents below 55 percent completion percentage and had nine interceptions over the three-year period.

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