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Travel in style and comfort with one of Paravel’s ready-to-inspired bags – including our top picks – made from sustainable and recycled materials. Here’s what you need to know about the popular bag brand.

The main products in this article:

Paravel Aviator Carry-On, $350

Paravel Aviator Grand, $425

Paravel Cabana Tote, $165 and up

Paravel Folding Belt Bag, $35

In 2016, co-founders Andy Krantz and Andre Rockefeller launched the world’s first carbon-neutral travel bag. Paravel AviatorMade from recycled polycarbonate, recycled aircraft grade aluminum and plastic. The style is popular with CBS Essentials shoppers, who appreciate the combination of classic, refined design and sustainability.

Another favorite with our readers? The Cabana LambDesigned to be over the aviator, this makes the perfect travel bag. Distinguished by its striped straps, this monogrammed tote bag is the perfect work or school bag or everyday tote bag. (You can get free embroidery on cabana bags, duffles and weekenders with the code ALLMINE.)

Paravel continues to expand the collection. In addition to the Aviator (available in two carry options and one check-in) and Cabana Bag in three sizes, the company makes The weekend behindFew different styles of foldable duffle bag, packing cubes, crossbody bag and even bag pet carrier.

You can save money by buying Paravel luggage as a file travel groupIncluding an Aviator tote and check-in set or a piece of luggage with a weekender handbag or Cabana Tote.

Best Paravel Luggage in 2022

Have you decided that Paravel is the right travel bag brand for you? CBS Essentials has collected some Paravel favorites for your next trip. Or press the button below and visit Paravel directly.

Paravel Aviator Carry-On and Carry-On Plus



Paravel bags, available in 22- and 23-inch versions, add some preparation to your steps down the runway. Both are equipped with anti-friction carbon steel wheels with 360-degree movement and a telescopic handle. Aesthetically, each bag comes complete with branded stripes, side handles, and vegan leather-wrapped edges. All Aviator sizes come in five color combinations.

Paravel Aviator Carry-On, $350

Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus, $375

Paravel Aviator Grand



This premium check-in bag offers 28 inches of space – perfectly sized for eight to 10 days of clothing and up to four pairs of shoes. Fitted with friction-free carbon steel wheels, it provides 360-degree movement and a telescopic handle. Complete with leather-wrapped side handles and a rim, the grooved polycarbonate bag matches perfectly with the Paravel Monogram Cabana Bag. Buy by order or as a set.

Paravel Aviator Grand, $425

Paravel Cabana Lamb

Paravel Cabana.  jpg


This multitasking Paravel portable bag doubles as a beach or poolside bag. Available in three sizes and four color combinations, each with a preppy tape down the side. The spacious and stylish bag holds everything you need for a day of travel, including some handy pockets for your phone, travel documents and sunblock cream And more vacation essentials. Get it with your initials (currently free!) and expect to be asked to repeat about where you got it.

Paravel Cabana Tote, $165 and up

Paravel Weekender



Spacious enough for a long weekend getaway, the Weekender weighs just 2.4 pounds with enough room for up to two days of clothing. It’s made of eco-friendly fabric, 12 recycled plastic bottles, and recycled vegan leather. Equipped with smart straps that slide over your carry-on and removable, adjustable straps for hanging over the shoulder, this reliable travel companion offers style and functionality.

Pavavel Weekender, $295

Pet carrier Pavavel



Do you have pets? Your dog or cat will fly in style and comfort with this functional pet carrier. Inspired by the Cabana Tote, this carrier for small pets (up to 20 pounds) offers useful features including pockets for toys and games, a washable liner in case of accidents, an interior accessory, and mesh panels for airflow.

Paravel Pet Carrier, $295

Bavaville main line duffle

main-line- duffler.  jpg


The customizable Main Line Duffle fabric covered in stain-resistant silicone provides enough room for four to five days of clothing. Put the elegant bag on your shoulder or carry it by the handle. Then put it in the back seat of your car or in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Available in brown or black.

Pavavel Main Line Duffle, $285

Paravel foldable bag and backpack

Fold the bag.  jpg


Perfectly sized for personal items on airplanes, this multi-tasking foldable nylon bag made from recycled plastic bottles serves many purposes. Use the bag at the gym or throw one in your bag when you expect to bring more goodies home. The duffle comes in five colors and includes a carrying case.

Paravel Folding Bag, $70

Paravel also makes a foldable backpack. Once again, embroidery is free with the ALLMINE code.

Paravel Foldable Backpack, $65

Paravel foldable belt bag



However you decide to wear this foldable bag from Paravel, you will enjoy having your essentials close at hand. Store your credit cards, smartphone, and travel documents for a day of travel. When you reach your final destination, set out freely to the beach, to stroll the city or hike through the mountains. Make sure to get the bag monogrammed.

Paravel Folding Belt Bag, $35

Paravel Accessories



In addition to luggage, Paravel sells great travel accessories to coordinate with your group. The Cabana See-All set keeps toiletries together, while the Packing Cube Quad and Compression Cubes help organize the clothes in your Paravel bag. And yes, all items are customizable.

sHop on all Paravel accessories, $25 and up

Paravel Packing Cube Quad, $65

Paravel Cabana Sell-All Set, $150

Paravel Squeeze Cubes, $55

Paravel: Free customization

Before checking out, be sure to write your bag in letters. Paravel offers customization on most bags, with the exception of suitcases. Currently, you’ll get free embroidery on all handbags, duffles, and weekends with the ALLMINE code.

Paravel Shipping & Returns

Once you order a bag, expect it to arrive within five to seven business days. All orders over $150 are eligible for free shipping.

Paravel accepts returns of unused merchandise within 30 days of delivery and those living within the United States enjoy free returns. Simply email customer service at to initiate the return process. However, there is one major exception to the return policy: any bags that have been customized or customized cannot be returned.

Paravel Warranty

The Aviator comes with a 5-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects, wear and tear, and structural damage to the suitcase, with a few exceptions. The TSA lock, telescopic trolley handle, wheels, corner guards, top and side handles, and a TPU leather strip are all covered. The brand will either repair or replace the bags that are covered by the warranty.

Paravel vs Awai

Paravel’s biggest competition comes from Away. While you can’t go wrong with either brand, the design is the biggest difference between the two. Travel Away Bags offer a modern, minimalist look, while Paravel offers a more refined and refined aesthetic.

In terms of price, expect to pay a little more for Paravel luggage. Smallest mobile retailer out there for $275 while Paravel comes in at $350. The price difference between check-in bags isn’t quite as big – $425 for Paravel compared to $375 for Away.

While the bags have many similar features, the carry-away bags have one thing Paravel lacks: a removable battery to charge your devices.

If sustainability plays a role in your purchasing decisions, get Paravel. The brand prides itself on having a low environmental impact.

More Top-Rated Luggage Options

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