Best Sniper of the 2022 Awards Series: Jaylene Brown

It’s award season at! We’ll be handing out six prizes over the next week as this year’s Awards Series begins. We may not get awards or acceptance letters, but we do have some top-ranked Celtics to sum it up. here we are…

Nearly all of this year’s award series winners were a no-brainer. When it came to the Sharpshooter award, there was a bit of a breakup and a lot of competition.

Several Celtics, including Robert Williams, Grant Williams and Payton Pritchard, put together great shooting seasons during the 2021-22 campaign. It was Jaylen Brown, though, who put together an impressive shooting résumé ever.

Brown led all of Boston’s perimeter players in shooting percentage of 47.3 percent, and he did so while finishing second on the team in shot attempts per game (18.4). He also ranked third in the team with 3 points at 35.8 percent while trying the second top three times per game (7.0).

Only the mentioned Robert Williams (73.6 percent) and Grant Williams (47.5 percent) had it better from the field, and only Pritchard (41.2 percent) and Grant Williams (41.1 percent) had it better from distance. However, these players have attempted far fewer shots than Brown has this season.

In short, Brown was not only a great Boston shooter, but he was also an impressively large volume maker.

While the numbers above are noteworthy, they only scratch the surface when it comes to describing Brown’s outstanding shooting season. To get to Brown’s case to win this award, one need look no further than the midrange.

There have been two Celtics who have consistently tried to shoot from 10 to 19 feet this season: Brown and Jason Tatum. Brown was much more efficient, tying 90 of his 196 attempts of those distances, at 45.9 percent. Tatum, widely regarded as one of the league’s top scorers, hit 36.8 percent of those distances.

This is how Brown faced off against his teammates from the middle. Now let’s expand the net and show how great it is from a league perspective in this category.

There were only 25 players in the league this past season who attempted at least 90 shots from 10 to 14 feet, and at least 100 shots from 15 to 19 feet. Of those consistent mid-range shooters, only six shot at least 45 percent from a 10-14-foot range, and at least 46 percent from a 15-19-foot range. Brown was one of them, along with C.J. McCollum, Chris Paul, Darius Garland, DeMar DeRozan, and Kevin Durant.

That’s exactly how prolific Brown has been from the mid-range this season. And that tells you exactly why Brown received his first Sharpshooter Award after performing throughout the 2021-22 season.

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