Bordeaux vs FAU team predictions

Jumbo Heroes (1-2):

Like Purdue, I’m sitting at 1-2 a season but hey, I’m just a few good breaks from turning 1-2 into 3-0 and you know what, I’ll do that I guess. To paraphrase Ted Lasso, just like my favorite shirt from college and the choices I made in these choices, I can’t go back. I made it, I need to own it and move on.

I got a DM yesterday evening from someone I went to Purdue with who knows a little about coming and going inside Purdue’s athletics department and he told me the AOC was said to be out of the game. I was immediately shocked. It can’t be true, right? But, before you know it this morning, several other sources confirm that the AOC is a match-time decision. So what now for this Purdue team? Austin Burton appears to be the likely starting candidate but he has only started one game in his career and that was at UCLA. We’ve seen him at Purdue in the past but never in that capacity. Never like QB1. Will he be up to the task? I know it’s FAU but nothing counts as a gift. Also, how long will the AOC stay out (if it’s actually out)?

The Vegas and Draft Kings seem to have noticed this change with Purdue now sitting at 16.5 preferred points based on their current odds. It still seems like everyone considers this a win at Purdue and I’m inclined to agree. If you’ve listened to the latest podcast, you know I’m not too afraid of FAU but this AOC’s work changes things a bit. Unfortunately, I’ve already set the record with my score, and to be polite with Casey and the podcast I’m keeping the score the same although I don’t think Purdue will score that much with AOC (maybe) out. I also had a Charlie Jones AKA Chuck Sizzle with 12 catches for 157 yards and 2 TDs.

Bordeaux 49

FAU 13

Kyle (2-1):

Purdue’s offense would be too much for a dropout FAU high school. AOC might have its best match of the year against the owls. Purdue’s defense will allow for two big plays, but for most parties, he’ll be stingy and get the job done.

Bordeaux 45


Travis (3-0):

Bordeaux has a great passing game. Florida Atlantic has poor defensive passes. The Owls have an offense that can do a few things and an experienced centre-back, which is usually the first element of the disturbance, but I think the Bordeaux pass is doing very well at the moment. This game is close for half before the boilers withdraw.

Bordeaux 45

Florida Atlantic 21

Drew (1-2):

Purdue shouldn’t struggle with this FAU team but don’t condone them. They’re not great on defense (they gave up 41 for Ohio) but the FAU N’Kosi Perry midfielder is a former 4-star talent who moved from Miami after playing well. He is experienced and will not be afraid to play on the road. He is sixth in the NCAA in passing yards (987) and fourth in touchdown (10). I only threw 2 choices. It is not the most efficient QB but it is explosive. If Purdue decides to take the first three quarters of the attack again this week. They will get the best. Having said that, I don’t think this will happen. Bordeaux came out early, and Perry threw at least one pick in an effort to match the penalty shootout while Bordeaux pulled away.

Bordeaux 47

FAU 24

Jess (2-1):

Similar to the Indiana State game, I think Purdue will suffer a disappointing loss last week at Florida Atlantic. The Boilermakers have given up on the match in Syracuse and must be hungry for redemption. Florida Atlantic shouldn’t be completely overlooked, but it shouldn’t be that much. I see O’Connell and Jones continue their strong connection to control owls.

Bordeaux 45

Florida Atlantic 17

Holmes (2-1):

The selection was not received.

Casey (1-2):

Just like Liedman said, we heard the AOC news after the podcast, but I don’t have anything if I don’t comply with being a gentleman, so I’ll keep my score too. Listen to my area in the latest podcast. Charlies Jones goes for 142 yards in 7-hands with 2 TDs.

Bordeaux 42


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