Boston Celtics, Jaylene Brown Winners For Unpopular Kevin Durant

Now that Kevin Durant is staying with the Brooklyn Nets, Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics must now turn their attention to making sure not too much damage is done to their relationship with budding young star Jaylen Brown.

As a team was rumored in a deal for Durant, the Celtics’ chief of basketball operations was asked about his communication with the Nets about a Brown-centric deal.

Choosing his words wisely, Stevens admitted that there had been talks about a potential groundbreaking film that would land Durant in Boston.

“Listen, at the end of the day I’m not going to get into any of the conversations we’ve had because I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Stevens said in an appearance on “Merloni, Fauria, and Mego” on Tuesday. “But my job is to figure out the costs and then decide whether or not we want to be involved in any deal with any team in the league.”

Whether or not those inquiries were about Brown, the NBA rumor mill certainly starred the Celtics as the center of a commercial package for Durant. As a result, could all the noise break JB’s relationship with the team which could eventually lead him out of town when he gets to a free agency?

The Boston Celtics and Jaylene Brown now have to focus on one goal

That would be the narrative if the 2022-23 NBA favorites didn’t live up to the hype. Every time a big-name player is on the trade block, Jaylen Brown is the name rumored to be the center of any trade block. Unless his game rises to a level where he’s an overall better player than Jason Tatum, that kind of gossip will likely never go away. Especially if he rises to the level he wants his team to.

Acknowledging the lack of appreciation his young star might feel, Stevens said he’s kept in touch with Brown as Durant’s trade rumors swirled throughout this summer.

“Jaylen has gone through this from a standpoint – the noise has been around him for a long time and big names over the years,” Stevens said. “You have to be able to ignore the noise and know what’s important but also be able to communicate and have frank and transparent communication with the people involved. So yeah, we got those, we kept ourselves very open from the start because all of this was happening to any of our guys” .

In other words, Jaylen formed rough skin during his time with the Celtics. Whether it was Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, James Harden and now Kevin Durant, he ended up winning the ultimate non-commercial deals by holding on to Brown who rose to the all-star level and as proven on the team’s playoff round, is a clutch player for the team.

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Now, the motivation for Jaylen Brown is to prove that he can partner with Tatum to lead this team to the NBA title. Although there is controversy that Durant would have made the Boston Celtics an absolute favorite to win the title, it would be more satisfying and more special if the team captured the No. 18 banner led by players who grew up on a team.

In conclusion, the dust has settled and now Stevens and the Boston Celtics must work to make the star they penned feel the recognition he deserves. Any other championship chance now runs or die is motivated by Jaylen Brown.

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