Celtics’ Jaylen Brown said he ‘would like to play a few more minutes’ after a massive 3rd quarter loss in Game 5 against the Bucks

BOSTON – The Celtics looked like they were going into the opening minutes of another grueling third quarter in Game Five on Wednesday. It was a problem in both Game 3 and 4 in Milwaukee, when the Bucks went out shooting after halftime while the Celtics were left behind.

But Jaylen Brown did not allow that to happen for the third game in a row. Brown put the team on his back after the Bucks cut their lead by 13 points to just one at the start of the quarter. He hit key picks to keep the Bucks from getting too close as Brown scored 16 of his 26 points in the third quarter alone.

Brown was rolling, but was taken out at the end of the third. He didn’t see the pitch until the 7:34 mark and played the rest of the game. Keeping Brown off the field didn’t cost the Celtics a game as they blew up their fourth-quarter lead by 14 points in a 110-107 loss, but he said he was feeling it in the third.

“I was hoping to play two more minutes and keep things going,” Brown said. “But we went in a different direction and still had a chance to win tonight. And we lost.”

The Celtics saw their lead slowly diminish during the final minutes of the game. He was still an eight-point lead for Boston when the Browns came back in for a re-entry, but the Bucks kept pulling back from their impotence. The Celtics collapsed after losing a crucial match 5 to fall 3-2 to the defending champions.

Boston gave up an offensive bounce to Bobby Portez to get the green light with 11.4 seconds left, which Brown called “super unlucky play”. The Celtics said orthographic rebounds and second-chance points were the main reasons for the Broken Heart loss.

While C says they need to play it one game at a time, their most promising season is about to happen. They’ve also sought to gain the local stadium advantage again and will need to beat the Bucks on the road to keep their season alive. Marcus Smart said they have no one to blame but themselves. Boston coach Im Odoka said they spoiled a “golden opportunity”.

All that remains is for the Celtics to return. Either they see the end of their season in Game 6, which is scheduled for Friday at the Fiserv Forum, or they force Game 7 back to TD Garden on Sunday. There are few guarantees in the post-season, and the Celtics find themselves searching for answers.

“We gave it up – that’s how we lost it,” Brown said. “Give the credit to Milwaukee. They played hard for 48 minutes and we played hard, we weren’t as purposeful as we needed to put in a lot of effort. And it cost us. We have to be the smartest team. We have to do what works.”

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