College Football Daily Fantasy Helper Program, Presented by DiGIORNO: Saturday 9/24/22

With the huge popularity of everyday fantasy football, it was only a matter of time before it translated to the college level.

FanDuel now offers daily college football fantasy competitions in most states, and there is an evolution in the NFL rules. You can pick a quarterback, two runs, three wide (which can include tight ends), and a “SuperFLEX” which can be any of these positions.

It can be hard to find target data for pass catchers in college, so knowing which players are on the field and having a job can make all the difference. Naturally, there are also more unbalanced scores in college, so balance your game scripts appropriately too! A brutal first run for your back might result in a bagel in the second half.

Largely multiplayer kicks off this week across all major Power 5 conferences. This means that we have real games (at least on paper) that will not include 40 points. We’ll find the best workloads from playing outside of conferences and examine the teams that are struggling in any defensive areas so far.

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Note: All statistics are from All tables are sortable by any category.


Clemson Wake Forest +7.5 55.5 31.5 24
Maryland Michigan -17.0 65.5 24.25 41.25
Missouri Auburn -7.5 51.5 22 29.5
duke kansas -7.5 66.5 29.5 37
TCU SMU +2.5 70.5 36.5 34
Minnesota Mitch State +3.0 50.5 26.75 23.75
our lady Carolina -1.5 56.5 27.5 29
Florida Tennessee -10.5 62.5 26 36.5
Texas Texas Tech +6.5 59.5 33 26.5
Oregon Washington Street +6.5 57.5 32 25.5
Arkansas Texas A&M -1.5 48.5 23.5 25
Wisconsin Ohio State -18.5 56.5 19 37.5
Kansas Street Oklahoma -12.5 52.5 20 32.5
Boston Col Florida Street -17.5 48.5 15.5 33

Saturday is not the best list if you are looking for high level totals in games that will be the best to watch.

Arkansas and Texas A&M might be the best contest, but they scored a total of 48.5 points with two solid defenses. I’m going to take a long, hard look at the under 56.5 points in Columbus between Ohio State and Wisconsin’s excellent defense.

The best fantasy contests on this list are those that don’t have much prestige, including Lawrence’s 66.5-point total for Duke and Kansas. There may be more points on Saturday than the last basketball game between these two.

Tops on the list are, of course, the Mustang SMU repeatedly. They – along with Horned Frogs – are in a game with a projected total of 70.5 points.

Below I would like to address the implied totals for Maryland, Clemson, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Tennessee. They were all in affairs that got higher grades outside of the convention and moved on to a more rigorous test.

On the flip side, I tend to over totals at Notre Dame, Florida, Kansas, and especially Boston College. These teams have faced good opposition so far.

Defensive Matches and Ranking

Note: Higher numbers are the easier matches for the opposing team. Lower numbers are better ratings and stricter alignments.

Clemson 7 7
Wake Forest 51 64
Maryland 108 35
Michigan 11 25
Missouri 104 55
Auburn 55 81
duke 126 9
kansas 124 70
TCU 125 61
SMU 110 111
Minnesota 13 29
Mitch State 68 14
our lady 28 78
Carolina 96 109
Florida 18 104
Tennessee 72 19
Texas 47 48
Texas Tech 93 27
Oregon 37 62
Washington Street 20 18
Arkansas 56 11
Texas A&M 4 66
Wisconsin 17 24
Ohio State 34 13
Kansas Street 74 40
Oklahoma 99 16
Boston Col 33 68
Florida Street 44 105

There is always a reason for the total to be high, and TCU-SMU is clear on paper.

Mustangs are ranked outside the top 100 in both phases of defensive yards per game. The TCU’s 125-ranked pass defense wouldn’t provide much resistance either.

Wake Forest is a powerful attack, but they still struggled against Clemson’s top ten defense in both phases. However, with the Deacs also holding first place in FBS against both ranges, there may not be as many points as would be expected at Winston-Salem.

The UNC leadership ranks 40th against both the dash and pass in FBS, and hasn’t faced the best competition. That might finally help the Fighting Irish go on the offensive.

Duke’s ninth-ranked defense in the rush is a key component of their showdown with KU. It would be a place to be largely avoided. The same can be said of Texas A&M’s fourth-ranked pass defense, which means the Pigs will likely have to get their ground game to score in Dallas.


Former SMU coach Sonny Dykes has dropped out of school to take a TCU job this off season. That’s a wild backdrop for two teams running the same high tempo, passing happy in Saturday’s penalty shootout.

As a result, I think Taner Mordechai ($11,000) He is the best midfielder on the board. Mordecai doesn’t add much on the ground, but he tossed it high 54 times in Week 3 against Maryland. Max Duggan ($9,500) It is a quality value option on the other side without its usual drawback of benching; Chandler Morris will miss this game with a knee problem.

Jayhawks Dual Threat Launcher Milestone Daniels ($11,200) Right there. Daniels has averaged 77.3 yards per game on the floor this season and entered this game with Duke’s poor passing defense defense. Riley Leonard ($9800) He’ll face a similar game with Daniels’ side, but he’s nowhere near a threat on the ground.

After that, the decline is steep. CJ Stroud ($11,500)And the Hendon Hooker ($10,800)And the Dillon Gabriel ($10,700) They are all in some of the toughest defensive encounters this year. All three also face severe infractions such as no less than 10 Favorite Points. There will be a bust or two between them.

All in all, I’ll try to stick with these four core guys on blast sites, but I don’t mind SuperFLEX stabs in Kansas Adrian Martinez ($7,300)Minnesota‘s Tanner Morgan ($6900)and Wisconsin Graham Mertz ($6,600) In games they imagine to be tracked.

turn their backs

We’ll see on Saturday how Mohamed Ibrahim ($11,200) The UM Golden Gophers translates his hot start outside the convention into the Big Ten. Michigan has had a quick defense and a leaky secondary rush for years, so it’s a decent candidate to supply it a lot better than either Colorado or New Mexico.

Among the buttons, I’m too soon to count on Texas Sesame Robinson ($10,600). He’s a great candidate to find the end zone multiple times since the Longhorns are still dealing with issues in the middle entering this match with Texas Tech’s weaker defense.

The scenario of the game and the environment is not everything. Rahim Sanders ($9,200) And the Devon Ashney ($9,000) Both had at least 23 total chances and had an attempted rush share greater than 65.0% last week. It’s a blower that can blow up any slate.

Robinson, Sanders and Achan have seen at least 45.0% of all rush attempts for their teams this year. There are four other appearances on this list that fit that law: Kansas State Deuce Vaughn ($8,800)Michigan State Galen Burger ($7,600)Washington State Nakia Watson ($7,300)Boston College Pat Jarrow III ($6000). They all have concerns about the match or the game scenario, but they will be playing the elite if the scenario gets in their way.

There are also appearances that do not fit this description but will start with the start of multiplayer. Includes Auburn Tank Bigsby ($6900). He still had 14 loads against the Penn State defense but suffered predictably. He should have more chances And the Success against a rushed Missouri defense ranked 104th.

Treshaun Ward ($7800) A worrying split in the second half last week in a tight game against Louisville, but there is theoretical work there given Florida likely without Jordan Travis in their fight with the Eagles.

Three Siggers ($6,700) I had 21 pregnancies last week for SMU, which was 54.3% of the team’s attempts. That’s a good enough role in his paycheck to make quite a splash in this shoot.

There was also a slight amount of clarity in the back field of Notre Dame last week Chris Tyree ($6,100) I got 22 loads. The explosive back has a good match with the tar heels, too.

broad receptors

No superstar running their backs “must own”. There is certainly a noticeable wide area.

SMU’s Rashi Rice ($10,200) Not only does he explode, but his talent is insane. He has 19 goals against Maryland, and Mordecai has been looking out for him a lot due to his target share of 39.7% this season. In this quick match to the TCU, expect repeat performance.

Overall, I see Ohio State Traffic Attack as greatly exaggerated. Wisconsin’s defense is great, and Marvin Harrison Jr. ($10,000) And the Emeka Egbuka ($9,200) His salary is exceeded Jackson Smith Ngigba ($8,500) Returns to the top in the passing order. This match with Badgers is tough enough to justify waiting for this game to go through an extra week.

Zee Flowers ($8,700) He earned 15 goals last week for Boston College, and is one of three broads with a double-digit average for the year (11.3). It is an elite option that may go unnoticed due to the low total. Josh Downs ($9,000) He’s the third double-digit target recipient this season, but he’s doubtful even to play.

Keon Coleman ($7,800) And the Donovan Ollie ($7,600) They scored 9.7 goals per game, right behind them. However, Coleman’s work could be reduced if Jayden Reed returns from MSU this weekend. It’s a bad match for Sparti anyway; I’ll probably stick with Olly.

In the “Good Workload but Difficult to Match” column, you can find AT Berry ($7,700). He’s had a target share of 32.1% since Sam Hartman’s comeback, but Wake Forest will struggle all day with Dr.

I’d like to target wide areas of the TCU versus Mordecai, but there’s been minimal clarity in two blasts so far. One might suppose Quentin Johnson ($8,100) He is the top man as he was a year ago, but Ty Barber ($6,400) He meets him on the roads and comes with a much lower salary.

Michael Mayer ($7,000) This is the slam dunk value of the Irish. Regardless of their terrible middle position, he got 34.3% of the target share. He has also scored in back-to-back matches.

Gerand Bradley ($5,600) Texas Tech leads in goals per game (9.0), but his salary is low because he hasn’t scored yet. Miles Price ($8000) I ran 10 more routes last week, though.

Either would be a decent option to bring back Robinson and Jordan Whittington ($6,200) It is a good value game for UT as he leads the team in the tracks per game (28.0). Hudson Card is not just a dynamic launcher, that’s what makes Texas speedster Xavier Worthy ($7800) A tougher, but still viable, option for targeting.

Speaking of re, Dominic Lovett ($6,400) 7.3 goals per game this year saw Mizzou as the perfect Tank Bigsby partner.

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