Costco shoppers get a surprise organic break

COSTCO members will get a surprising break in membership costs after the company announced a profitable fourth fiscal quarter.

Costco executives saw no need to raise membership prices during this time.


Costco won’t be increasing membership prices just yet, although this is expected by shoppers and investorscredit: Getty

This is a big break for shoppers who likely expected an increase, as Costco did it on several occasions every five years or so ago.

Richard Galanti, Costco’s chief financial officer, explained on the conference call that Costco was not up to its usual step to ramp up the increase.

“If you look at June 2017, plus five years and seven months, you’re roughly talking about January 23,” he told investors and employees.

He continued that although he is not suggesting that they wait for a price increase until January of 2023, the mark they were striving for is still not there yet.

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How much is a Costco membership?

The current cost for a Costco Gold and Business membership is still $60 a year, with an option to get $120 a year for an Executive membership, which has additional features that may be worth it to some shoppers.

The Gold Membership includes the free Home Card and is valid at all Costco locations.

For a business card, it is relatively similar to gold although businesses are able to purchase items for resale.

Costco lists Executive Memberships with additional 2 percent bonuses on select in-store items, along with greater savings with Costco services, and even benefits related to Costco travel products.

There is even a specific executive membership trick that causes many customers to upgrade.

In addition, Mr. Galante said that the hot dog combo that Costco serves at the famous food court will not go up in price either.

It is currently set at $1.50 and has been there for some time.

“They are not trading down. They are trading up or definitely trading the same,” he said.

Costco's hot dog combo still keeps its price at $1.502

Costco’s hot dog combo still keeps its price at $1.50credit: Getty

In other Costco news

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