Costco travel customers fill social media with complaints amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Costco Travel customers are taking to Facebook and Twitter to complain about seven-hour wait times and poor communications in the company’s call center, as coronavirus concerns drive up requests for cancellations, postponements and refunds.

On March 4 at 2 p.m., customers face the battles they have with Costco representatives over refunds and cancellations.

“Costco put it together!” Jessica Flick Publishing. “Keep dropping my call 3 hours and 1 minute later. I’ve called you for 2 days in a row and been on hold for ridiculous amounts of time unable to speak to an agent. You’re wasting everyone’s time. I want my money back! This is insane!”

In response to Flecky, Facebook user Robert Townsend wrote, “In the future, please contact Meredith Rothaus (a travel agent) my dear friend who will always answer the phone for customers. Sorry you’re having this problem.”

Flick replied, “Thanks, Robert! It was such a headache trying to cancel our cruise. I’ll keep Meredith in mind if we cruise again.”

Rothouse, tagged in Townsend’s post, said, “I’d love to help you in the future, Jessica! We take cruises and road vacations. Always available by phone and email!”

“Good luck – it’s 2 crazy weeks! Worst service ever – we have been trying to get to customer service for 3 days now to cancel our 4 day cruise,” Preethi Shyam wrote.

“Unrealistic wait times with no call back and disconnection option. Costco is known for its services but never again after this experience. We will never book a flight with Costco again.”

Facebook poster directed Anida Duarte Shyam to post in the community section of Costco’s home Facebook page. “Maybe if enough of us complain, they will eventually do something about it,” Duarte said.

Another poster, Mike Cruz, asked, “Do you realize that the entire industry has ridiculous hang times right now due to people overreacting to the coronavirus? Nobody has a staff to handle incoming calls.”

Some complaints seem to have finally been resolved, including Rachel Whitney’s trip. Posted in a March 2 notice from Costco for “Limited Time Hot Purchases.”

“I am so devastated that we have either crossed 6km or are at risk and quarantined unknown,” Whitney wrote. On the same day, someone named Melissa asked Whitney to email her reservation number to Whitney later posted that her issue was resolved in less than a few minutes.

These kinds of direct responses from Costco Travel to the Facebook newsfeed appear to have stalled after their limited posting on March 2.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the company’s last tweet was on February 12, announcing that a call center would be open for a limited number of hours due to bad weather.

Ten comments were made to that tweet, including @LittleAna20 on March 5, who tweeted: “We’ve booked a Carnival cruise through Costco. At this point I really think you should return the money to us because my 78-year-old dad and my aunt The 85-year-old won’t survive the coronavirus infection. Can you please help? We can’t afford to lose $10,000 but we also want to live!”

On March 6, @R_Stapler3 Twitter account: “I’ve been on hold for 2 hours and 21 minutes…Then the call drops. I can’t lose my spot!! Princess said I need to go through Costco to get future cruise credit by 100%. Please DM for my reservation number.”

Five other Twitter users commented on his tweet, regarding similar issues and complaints, including @Shaun_s46, who said: “3 hours yesterday (3/7) and then the system said it ‘could not process my request’ and fired me. Already up to 2.5 Today’s hour (3/8) and expected to be disconnected in 3 hours again. Called directly when they opened at 6AM PT. Anyone accessing CostcoTravel?”

Three minutes after @R_Stapler3 tweeted, Melissa at Costco replies, “Can you please send us a direct message with your reservation number? We would love to help you and will also report your call to our communications team to investigate.”

@pearememon has complained about her 60-year-old parents’ attempt to reschedule a cruise in mid-March. “They’ve been in touch with your representatives for the past days – endless phone calls, long wait times, unhelpful customer service, ridiculous cancellation fees.”

Costco Travel hasn’t posted a new tweet since February 12.

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