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Mitchell – A plan to renovate the back nine at Lakeview Golf Course is moving through the Mitchell City budget process, but the city will need to move some money to get the project completed in 2023.

The project is scheduled to cost $573,000, a 15% increase over the estimated estimate of $494,108 released in July 2021 when the City of Mitchell completed an eight-step master plan for future golf course improvements. The price increase is a cause of inflation, but if the project is to happen in 2023, it will have to be because city council makes it a priority during budget work sessions, which resume at 5:30 p.m. Monday, September 26 at Mitchell City Council.

Phase one has already been budgeted and is due to begin in early October, after Lakeview Golf Course will host the Boys’ Class AA golf meet on October 3 and 4. This work calls for the removal of damaged and diseased trees and those affecting the quality of the lawn driveways and wagons, and the construction of a green nursery for the future construction of the new pit 11.

During a city council working session on September 12, Dan Siebers, a former Lakeview golf course manager and current Mitchell City Council member, said some of the Phase 1 work, such as thinning trees along the new 11th hole, would not have occurred if the city did not plan to reach the stage. The second next year.

“Phase one, all this work is preparing for phase two,” he said, adding that the work of phase two cannot be done in a piecemeal fashion. “It’s not like you’re doing this half or that half,” Cypress said. “It has to be all or nothing. If you make a new green at 11, you will take the number 12 out of play. … There is no way you can cut anything.”

The Phase 2 plan calls for the abandonment of hole 12, the rebuilding of hole number 11 from the par-4, then the construction of a new hole of the par-3 14th, as well as the addition of new connection points at number 15.

“If golf course designers need work, the bidding comes more competitive,” said Cypress.

From a funding perspective, the budget for the city’s 2023-owned golf course is expected to be smaller due to contributions from public funds for 2022 that helped fund the first phase of golf master plan upgrades. The course also applies more than $129,000 in reserves to pay off the city’s general fund that has helped the course with new golf carts.

Given these factors and the expected decline in revenue for the City of Mitchell grinding other parts of the budget, funding for Phase 2 of the work is not currently in the city’s 2023 budget.

The tee was photographed in the tee box for hole number 11 at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell.
Mitchell Republic file photo

The tournament is still popular with thousands of rounds of play per month. During August, 18,219 rounds of golf were played in Lakeview, down from 24,369 rounds played at the same point in 2021. However, Lakeview expects to hit about 24,000 rounds this year, according to a club manager. Lakeview, Eric Hebb, for Mitchell Golf and Cemetery. Council last month. In 2020, 20,861 rounds were played in Lakeview, while 18,900 rounds were played in 2019.

The course also hosted the South Dakota Golf Association’s Amateur Championships in August, which is one of the SDGA’s premier tournaments, and received strong reviews.

If approved, the Phase 2 plan would change five holes in the back nine of the course and would be part of the route change to a par-71 through 18-hole layout, down from the par-72.

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