Donovan Mitchell leads Brown’s cheers

(Photo by Nick Camett/Getty Images)

Things are looking up on the Northeast Ohio sports scene, not only when it comes to the Cleveland Browns but also the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Browns improved to 2-1 on Thursday by defeating their old North Asian rival the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it looks like the road to the playoff is shaping up for them.

Meanwhile, the Cavs, whose prospects are already fairly rosy, were traded for NBA All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell recently, and as a result, they appear to be potential title contenders next season.

Mitchell introduced himself to the Cleveland area by appointing him, along with fellow starting Darius Garland, to captain the Dawg Pound team for Thursday’s competition at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Mitchell, wearing a Brown shirt with his number 45, proceeded to smash the guitar that had the Steelers’ logo on, which has become a new routine at Brown’s games.

Brown’s legendary offensive lineman Joe Thomas kicked off the tradition last week when he lost to the New York Jets at home.

After a slow start, quarterback Jacobi Brissett got into a rhythm, throwing for 220 yards and two touchdowns while completing 21 of 31 passes to give Browns a 29-17 win.

Cleveland is starting to swing with optimism

With a 2-1 record, Brown is, believe it or not, #1 in North Asia, at least for the time being.

Brissett has had two straight straight runs, and while no one would ever accuse him of being a legitimate starting QB player, let alone a Pro Bowl-caliber, it’s starting to look like he can keep the seat warm for commentator Deshaun Watson.

Watson is on an 11-game suspension, and with the Atlanta Falcons advancing into Week 4, the Browns have a good chance of holding a 3-1 record in the first full week of October.

They’ll need that kind of cushion, as they’ll face a tough stretch starting in Week Five against the revamped Los Angeles Chargers.

This stretch will run until Week 13, by which time Watson will be eligible to return against – of all teams – his old Houston Texan employer, on the road no less.

But even if the Browns start to falter in November, the Cavs may take the city by storm.

Mitchell should double from the Cleveland team

Last season, the Cavs presented the NBA, and had it not been for a surprise lead against the Atlanta Hawks, they would have achieved post-season for the first time since LeBron James left town.

Their new backyard for Mitchell and Garland will be one of the best in pro basketball, not to mention one of the most exciting backyards in the game.

In the front yard, Evan Mobley is believed to have stellar potential written all over it.

Once the Watson returns to the Browns, they can give The Land a preview of what’s to come on the field not too far from now, as they have built a talented team on both sides of the football that is also fairly young.

With baseball player Cleveland Guardians in the top spot in Major League Soccer as well, there are plenty of reasons why Cleveland sports fans are always somber these days.

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