Expect changes to offense in Week 3 vs Texas

After a dismal start to the season offensively, the Chicago Bears are hoping to make changes that lead to more yards and more points. When the Chicago Bears hired Matt Eberless as their new coach and Luke Jetsie as their new offensive coordinator, many people felt that she would usher in a new era of attacking for the team.

Former coach Matt Nagy was supposed to be an offensive mentor, but his offenses landed at or near the bottom of nearly every offensive class. Fans were longing for a change.

Change is coming for the Chicago Bears crime

So far this season, things look pretty much the same as last season. In 2021, offense ranked 27th in scoring, 23rd in passing attempts, and 30th in passing yards. So far this season, they’ve ranked 26 in points, dead in their last passes and passes. Quarterback Justin Fields has only 28 pass attempts, 15 of which he’s completed, for 191 yards so far. These are the numbers some quarterbacks can achieve in just one half.

Things must change. An offense can only result in a midfielder going back to pass 14 times and expecting to win matches. Most importantly, this cannot happen to the bears and they hope to develop the fields properly.

The second part is of paramount importance. Gains and losses do not matter. The development of Fields and other young players such as Jaquan Brisker, Kyler Gordon and Braxton Jones, among others, is critical. The team has the highest salary cap available in the NFL, and if they want to attract the best free agents, they need to prove that they have a good foundation.

Seeing the criminal struggle with so little scroll so far is troubling. With Nagy, he had a hard time participating in the running game. He relied heavily on the scrolling game. Now, with the new system, the scrolling game is largely underutilized.

Eberflus sees what others are doing. He knows better than most how badly this offense has been done and that changes must be made. He hinted that these changes will begin this week against the Houston Texans.

Make key players more involved

One of the biggest offense problems is that key players don’t get goals. Wide receiver Darnell Mooney, who is supposed to be the team’s number one receiver, only has two cuts for four yards. These are not WR1 numbers.

In addition, Cole Kemet, who many people expected to have a great season, has yet to have a hit this season. Most frustratingly, Mooney was targeted only five times while Kumit was only targeted twice. Getsy must find a way to get the ball to his best players. These players can play plays so they need to participate a lot more than they have so far.

during the Show trainers bearsEberflus acknowledged that skull-position players like Mooney and Kmet need to get the ball in their hands more. Expect to feed them more than they have the first couple of games.

Another problem with the Chicago Bears attack is the loss of Phil Jones. He has not played yet this season due to a hamstring injury. There were times last week that he participated in practice even if it was limited. It gave some hope that he was about to finally debut. However, he missed training again, so when he finally hit the field, he was still up in the air.

Jones is critical to the attack. It has super speed and this widens the field. As a result, there is more room at the bottom for other receivers, such as the Kmet, for example. Jones can also have the ball in the backcourt, to compliment a running game. If the defense has to compute the game in play, it ends up opening things up to the fields and receivers.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s still early days. This is a new offense with new coaches and new players. It will take some time for everyone to decompose. Not many thought it would be this bad early on. Hopefully they gel and Getsy adjusts the call to play until things get better.

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