Fantasy Football Week Three Guide: Packers at Buccaneers Wisconsin News

As expected, the Green Bay Packers fed Aaron Jones’ comeback early and fed him a lot in their Week 2 win against the Chicago Bears. The results were fruitful, with Jones ripping 132 quick yards and two total touchdowns.

Week 3 features a different beast with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense playing in an aggressive style under coach Todd Bulls who will mix up formations and call in to attack frequently.

The headlines will flow towards Aaron Rodgers facing Tom Brady but both super quarterbacks face questions that enter this.

Tampa Bay will be without wide receiver Mike Evans, who was suspended for the game after having a brawl against the Saints last week. Teammates Chris Goodwin and Julio Jones missed their week two game and neither trained on Wednesday.

Rodgers is still trying to forge a relationship with his young, wide receivers and hasn’t looked comfortable after this year even though it’s only been a couple of games.

It’s an appetizing match early in the season and the fantastical questions surrounding this will put your mind in the mixer.

If you need clarification on the categories of our fantasy guide, take a peek at our first week guide

Let’s jump right into this Packers-Bucs showdown.

Don’t think twice

Pirate RB Leonard Fortnite

Size is key in the imagination and Fortnite has seen a lot of it in the first two weeks. The Bucs’ bowling style runner had 21 pregnancies in Week 1 against the Cowboys and 24 in the past week against the Saints. Fortnite also had two parties per match. Entering this game, Tampa Bay knows it will be without Evans and it could be without Goodwin and/or Jones as well. All of this points to a heavy workload for Fournette, who, despite all the touches, is still sniffing out his first touchdown of the season. The Green Bay defense was ripped apart by the Bears running back David Montgomery last week especially in the second half. Montgomery finished with 122 yards on 15 coaches. You can bet that Fortnite is licking his bits in this match.

Did we mention that size is key? Green Bay seems to have learned its lesson from the editorial as it only gave Jones eight full touches. Against the bears, Jones had 15 loads, three receptions and even 18 touchdowns that seemed to be on the low end of the dynamic back. Packers know how important the piece is to Jones’ puzzle, and even against Tampa Bay’s vaunted defense, Jones would put the ball in his lap multiple times and in a variety of ways. Take advantage of the quantity that goes abroad and Jones makes the most of it.

Tampa Bay was on its way to two games and came out 2-0. In Dallas to start the season, Bowles’ defense only scored three points while collecting four sacks and forced a change. They pursued that masterpiece by Saints stunning Jameis Winston in New Orleans, forcing five turnovers, sacking Winston six times and making a defensive touchdown. Don’t be too kind to her because the pirates are against Rodgers. The Packers Offensive is not a finished product and Tampa Bay Defense is legit. With the Bowles managing the defense in Tampa Bay, the Bucs caught Rodgers only three touchdowns in two games while imposing three interceptions and sending off a nine-time MVP. Don’t think twice, play Tampa Bay defense.

High floor

No wide receiver has double-digit goals of the season in two weeks, but keep in mind that Lazard missed the opening game with an ankle injury. He’s not only Rodgers’ safety valve, but he’s also Green Bay’s best choice in the scrolling game and when Rodgers trusts you, he throws you in. Lazard must see targets against pirates even during a stingy secondary confrontation. Lazard had a touchdown against the Bears last week but finished with just three goals, something that won’t be the norm this year. Green Bay will have different candidates throughout the year in counter attack like Sammy Watkins did in Week 2, but it will be the trusted old Lazard and he must start taking on the Buccaneers.

It has to be thrown to someone, right? Like Rodgers, Brady had a statistically slow start to the season even with Tampa Bay being 2-0. Playing at home for the first time against a Green Bay defense still trying to find a consistent rhythm that would give Brady a high ground. The eternal wonder that keeps trampling on father’s time had many years in New England making Joe’s average receivers look like stars on the frontier. While Brady is embarrassed about fortunes with pirates, this game may be a throwback to some of his Patriot days when Brady was tossing pills everywhere for some unfamiliar names. The pirates will throw it no matter who is in or out of the squad.

Dillon continues to fall into the loft category assuming he gets his reps and touches every week. Dillon led the Packers at receptions, took yards against the Vikings and had 18 lunges against the Bears in order to appear. We’ve been waiting for the big game, that one where “Quadzilla” goes 100 yards and touches down, and that game is definitely coming sooner rather than later. Tampa Bay’s defense is legitimate, but that doesn’t mean the packers will abandon ship in a running game. They can’t stand it.

With so many question marks over Tampa Bay offense entering this, including on the offensive line, this should be where Joe Barry’s defense puts up at least a fictional Top 10 week. Green Bay had the mentality to bend but not break against the Bears , but you can bet Brady will have double, if not triple, the number of pass attempts on this one compared to what the Bears’ Justin Fields faced against the Packers (11). Despite this, this Barry defense still has a huge amount of talent on all three levels. Kenny Clarke was a game-destroyer up front while rookie Quay Walker flew across the field at the quarterback. Gayer Alexander got intercepted last week while Rashan Gary rolled another sack. Brady will be more than willing to take the bottom passes if that’s what Green Bay is willing to give up, so Barry will have to try to shuffle the covers to keep Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Liftwich guessing. Green Bay has yet to hit the blitzkrieg this year and this could be the perfect game to break at the party.

feast or famine

Pirate WR Russell Gage

Positively set up on paper from Gage’s deep perspective to give hits to Goodwin, Jones and Evans hanging on. Looking at it through that lens and running with the idea of ​​”Brady should be throwing at someone,” Gage can be hooked up to formations as a deceptive dining option. On the other end of the coin is a wide receiver that has seven receptions for 41 yards on eight targets through two games. Yes, it was with Tampa Bay more stock in a wide receiver, but Gage didn’t show much with a couple of games that would ensure his start away from the fact that he might get more looks as the others come out. To pile on the pessimistic ending, matching any of Green Bay’s mainstays at Alexander, Eric Stokes or Rasul Douglas doesn’t quite fit Gage. Roll with her if you think he’ll get attention in the game script and from Brady with the others out, stay away if you get off on recent trends and match against Green Bay High School.

You can put almost any Packers wide receiver in this category right now and the Watkins will land here this week after putting in 93 yards in three receptions against the Bears. Watkins lifted the cap on Chicago High School at a 55-yard reception in the fourth quarter Sunday night as the Packers put the game on ice. This week could be similar or it could be Lazard’s show mixed with a rookie like Christian Watson or Romeo Dobbs in the spotlight. Watkins’ performance against the Bears may be a sign of things to come or it may be the first that will be a rotating crown worn by all Packers wide receivers at various times throughout the year. This is for you to decide.

stash away

Five catches for 47 yards in two games leave much to be desired from Green Bay’s tight start, but it’s worth remembering that Tonian returns from an AFC Champions League rupture he suffered last season and is back in a rather quick fashion (the injury occurred last October). In order for Tonian to become a focal point in the attack or until he has at least one notable match, he must be hidden.

Pirate TE Cameron Pratt

One reception for seven yards against the Cowboys and one reception for nine yards against the Saints. That’s it for Brett so far this year. Injuries elsewhere don’t apply to the wide receiver’s heart on the Brate who plays an ever-increasing role against the packers. Tampa Bay didn’t have Goodwin or Evans against the Saints, and Pratt still only has two goals. Hide it away or even consider cutting ties on your list if you need more depth elsewhere.

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