Flight attendants love to carry Tprc for the lower seat

If you travel for work a lot or simply hate carrying a heavy suitcase and shoving it into the overhead bin of a plane, a carry-on bag that doesn’t have enough seats may be what your set of luggage is missing. These compact bags have all the advantages of a rolling bag with the convenience of a duffel, you can maneuver it easily on wheels, but you don’t have to worry about lifting it, thanks to its smaller size. Amazon shoppers have found a winner for one bag of Tprc, which retails for under $49 right now, so there’s never a better time to shop.

The Tprc 15″ Smart Under Seat Carrying Case is made of durable polyester that withstands the wear and tear of standard travel, allowing the bag to maintain its sleek look. It measures 14 inches long, 15 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, and weighs 6 pounds, so it’s small enough to store comfortably under an airplane seat and easily maneuverable, while still roomy enough to accommodate all of your travel essentials. You’ll find a variety of convenient pockets throughout the bag, including two front zip compartments and a slip pocket on the side where you can store an umbrella or water bottle. Plus, there’s also a USB port on the outside of the bag (it can be connected to a portable charger inside), so keeping your devices on the go has never been easier.

Inside the main compartment of the bag, there is also a handy transparent plastic pocket where you can keep your toiletries. Not only does this allow you easy access to necessary things, but it will also catch any spills and make it easier to clean up. It’s available in two colors on Amazon right now: black and brown, and if you want to get the best deal, shop brown while it’s on sale for just $49.

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To buy: amazon.com, $49 (originally $59)

Amazon shoppers rave about the bag, giving it nearly 4,900 five-star reviews, and it’s earned the coveted Amazon Choice badge. The flight attendant even gave her her stamp of approval, writing, “It’s light, has enough pockets, and can easily fit under the seat if needed.” Another reviewer added, “This is the first bag I’ve bought and it says it really fits the right seat,” noting that they took it on a recent Frontier Airlines flight.

As for its spaciousness, most shoppers assure it comfortably fits enough essentials for a long weekend getaway. “If you know how to pack, this fits for two nights [and] Three days of clothes, toiletries, and shoes,” one wrote. However, a separate buyer said, “I can fit a surprisingly large amount of items in this bag, enough for a 5-day trip.” They added that the bag is “lightweight, Which makes it easier to maneuver.” Reviewers get a lot of praise for the bag’s other features as well, like the USB port, which one said was “easy to access” and “was very convenient on long trips and was really a lifesaver on several occasions.”


To buy: amazon.com, $59

If you’re in the market for a durable and versatile handbag you can count on to fit your airline seat, be sure to check out this pick from Tprc before your next flight.

At press time, the price starts at $49.

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