Four Texas QPs will travel to Lubbock to face Texas Tech

The new redshirt player will be one of four quarterbacks traveling to the Texas Longhorns this week for the first road game of the season against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock, Texas coach Steve Sarkissian said.

Ewers was partly involved in the pre-game warm-up before last Saturday’s game against UTSA and dressed but didn’t play a week after he twisted SC in the loss to Alabama.

Redshit sophomore Hudson Card, freshman Charles Wright, and freshman Malik Murphy will also take a trip to the Southern Plains.

“All of our guys have had a better week than they did a week ago, that’s for sure, very confident about that,” Sarkissian said.

The card started against the Roadrunners despite suffering an ankle injury and Murphy is recovering from an undisclosed injury. On Thursday, Sarkissian did not reveal who would start at Lubbock, but said the decision would not be match time.

“We will tell them who is going to start in advance,” Sarkissian said.

Most likely is the card for the second week in a row after 15 of 23 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown against UTSA, along with two 35-yard runs. If Card gets a start, it will be his first on the road since the blistering loss in Arkansas last season, a game for which Sarkissian believes Card took much of the blame.

“We played terribly as a team,” Sarkissian said. “We trained terribly as a crew – we didn’t have a squad ready to play and of course as the midfielder progresses you get more credit than you deserve when things are going well and you take more blame than you deserve when things are not going well.”

But Card remained on the bench after that performance and never regained his starting role despite Casey Thompson sustaining a thumb injury he sustained in the Oklahoma game. Then Card faced more adversity when the quarterback battle that lasted from spring training to pre-season camp ended with Ewers calling it the start. When Card had the opportunity to contribute again when Ewers was injured, he soon had an ankle injury.

“I think Hutson has really matured mentally. I think he is more than capable of managing our attack and doing it at a high level,” Sarkissian said.

“I’ve been really proud of Hudson and all he means for our program and we’re really fortunate to have him.”

The trip will also mark an important experience for Murphy, who Sarkissian said has been exercising well.

“I was touched by Malik this week,” Sarkissian said. “I think he’s made really good strides. Again, I’ve touched on it compared to last week from where he was to where he was this week. So I think this is an invaluable experience for the midfielders to be able to walk the path, be involved in game planning, and hear The gameplay calls, hearing the adjustments, so he can go with us this week, I think it’s a really positive thing.”

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