Gamecocks at MLB: August 8

There has been a tough experience for South Carolina baseball players in the MLB recently. The Players to Watch are doing well, but there aren’t many players on the active rosters at the moment. In fact, Gamecocks only have five men currently working in MLB. One bounced back and forth a little, but fell now, while another was about to return to the Bigs, but was hit again.

Below is a list of seven men who are either in MLB, or have had some running lately in the majors. Eight long lasting MLBer Jackie Bradley Jr., released last week by the Boston Red Sox. Still looking for a place to play.

player Jonah’s Pride, Oakland Athletics – MLB Profile Page: After a one-month absence with a shoulder injury, Bride is back for the A and has been in the starting line-up in nearly every game since July 26. For 31, he averaged .226, in his nine backgames. All of his songs were singles and he had three tracks against seven hits at the time with no RBIs and scored three runs. He’s had success in each of his last three games and has been at base five times in 14 board games, though.

jar Will Crowe, Pittsburgh Pirates – MLB Profile Page: Crowe continues to play well outside the Pirates fold and has not ceded more than one earned in an appearance since June 28, a 15-game span. In those appearances, he threw 15 innings and waived three winning runs, which is good for a 1.80 ERA. In 44 games this season, Crowe has ceded more than one kick that he has earned only four times. For the year, he has a 3.09 ERA with a 4-6 record. He has three saves in 58 1/3 runs with 57 knockouts.

utility man Wait Merryfield, Toronto Blue Jays – MLB Profile Page: After trade rumors surrounded Merrifield on the deadline for the better part of his career, he’s finally been dealt with the Toronto Blue Jays. He has started three games with the team – all in the middle of the field – and has played in another. He’s 5 for 14, all hits singles, with six hits so far for his new team. He scored three runs and drove one as well. Merrifield got off to a terrible start this year with 0.141 in April but has since rebounded with 0.286 in July and 0.357 so far this month. He averages .244 with six home runs, scored 54 points, 43 RBI points and 16 base steals.

jar Jordan Montgomery, St.Louis Cardinals – MLB Profile Page: Montgomery also traded on deadline and had his first start for his new team, which came against his old team. Monty went 5 innings against the Yankees to take the win allowing only two strokes with one walk and one hit. For the year, he has a 4-3 record with 3.53 ERA in 22 starts. He has 119 2/3 strokes with 98 strokes.

jar Clark Schmidt, New York Yankees – MLB Profile Page: After a week with the Yankees in late July, Schmidt is back at AAA, somehow. The right-handed player made two matches in his last period and scored three saves in the first half in both matches without allowing running. In those appearances, totaling 6 innings, he allowed four hits and three walks while hitting eight. Apart from one game in early June, Schmidt made a superb performance for the Yankees. Even with four earned runs in 1 2/3 runs on June 8, Schmidt has a 2.40 ERA with a 4-2 record. In 30 rounds, he has 29 strikes in 16 matches.

player Max Schrock, Cincinnati Reds – MLB profile page: Sharrock is back on the injured list. He started the year in 60 Days IL with a hamstring injury, and now he’ll end the year afterwards with a right patella fracture, which he suffered when a ball hit his knee cap.

first base man Christian Walker, Arizona Diamondbacks – MLB Profile Page: Walker isn’t enjoying his best season in professional football, but he’s having a great August. In six games played this month, Walker has earned three home runs and nine RBIs. He only hit .240 a month, but those hits paid off because he also added a double by just four strokes on his 25 racket. Walker has averaged 0.203 this season with 26 home runs and 61 RBIs. It has .302 OBP and .753 OPS.

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