Golden Knights training camp updates: Nolan Patrick out of season, Mark Stone in offline jersey and more

A bootcamp for the Vegas Golden Knights has opened, and there’s a great deal of information to get into.

the list

By Golden Knights, here is a list of all the players participating in bootcamp at this time.

Attackers: Michael Amadeo, Jacob Brabenck, Brendan Bryson, William Carrier, Colt Conrad, Paul Cotter, Daniel D’Amato, Zach Dean, Jacob DemickPavel Dorofeev Jacques Eichel Spencer FogConor Ford, Byron Froese, Patrick Guy, Jordan Gustafson, Ben Hemerling, Brett Hodin, Marcus Kallionkelly, William Carlson, Phil Kessel, Keegan Colsar, Jake Lischen, Jermaine Lowen, Sakkari Maninen, Jonathan Marchesault, Kyle Marino, Maxim Maroshevi McCallum, Ivan Morozov, Mason Primo, Gage Queenie, Sheldon Ribal, Jonas Rondberg, Nicholas Roy, Matthias Sabovalev, Riley Smith, Chandler Stevenson, Mark Stone, Alex Sweetlikov

Defense: Leighton Ahack, Jake Bischoff, Danielle Chaika, Artur Chulac, Conor Corcoran, Lucas Cormier, Peter Deliberator, Joe Fleming, Zach Hayes, Ben Houghton, Kaydan Kurczak, Alec Martinez, Brayden McNabb, Daniel MiromanovBrayden Patchal, Alex Petrangelo, William Riddle, Shea Theodore, Zack Whitecloud

goalkeepers: Laurent ProsuiteAdin Hill, Michael Hutchinson, Jordan Papirny, Jiri Patera, Isaiah Saville, Logan Thompson, Jesper Vikman

Injury updates

We knew Robin Lehner and Shea Weber would not be playing this year. Lehner underwent off-season surgery, and Webber will remain on the IR program until he can officially retire. Patrick’s news is fresh, and while it’s not entirely surprising given his recent history, it’s still frustrating to see. Things didn’t quite work out for the lottery pick, hopefully he’s doing what he can.

Brossoit’s injury at the moment is also not surprising news, as the team acquired Adin Hill via trade recently to add more NHL depth to the net. The remaining names are mostly AHL players, and we’ll see what happens in the end there.

Finally, there’s Mark Stone, and this is another update that stands out but isn’t a complete shocker. He’s had off-season surgery, and while the original schedule indicated he should be available for the start of the season, there’s no real reason to go back on him. Wearing a contactless shirt appears to be a good warning to take at the moment and hopefully he will be able to be an active participant during pre-season.

Additionally, defender Nick Haig is still an unsigned RFA, and it will be interesting to see which side flashes first in the negotiations. Haig skated 18:40 per game last season for the Golden Knights, and finished with 4 goals, 10 assists and 14 points in 52 games he played.

golden age

It’s part of their team name, and Vegas has been involved this season. The team has announced that the team’s golden jersey will become their home jersey for the 2022-23 season, but that’s not the only thing that shines golden.

While the team calls this golden logo… personally it looks a bit bronze to me from a distance. It almost looks like a bronze coin from a bygone era, although I realize it might look different in person.

theme nights

This year, the team will once again host a bevy of theme nights, 10 in total, some unique to the team while others aligned with NHL initiatives. The full list can be found below.


Phil Kessel’s signature was an interesting one made late in the season, and today he’s skating alongside Jack Eichel with Reilly Smith on the opposite wing.

Kessel is someone who can cause quite a bit of offense in a proper situation, and the Golden Knights seem to count on him to turn back the year.

Kessel and Eichel can be a really fun duo to watch, and it’s something to keep an eye on once the pre-season gets going.

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