Golf Glendale wins the MSU Relays team title

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The Glendale Falcons carded a low team 312 to take home this year’s MSU Relays Championship held at Bell & Payne Stewart Golf Course on Thursday, September 22.

Despite the cold and rainy weather, four Glendale golfers scored in the 1970s, on their way to winning this year’s championship title. Up front for the Falcons was Page Bowman who had five cards on a 76 par. So were the scores in the ’70s with Audrey Duvall with 78 and Scotlin Blackington, along with Kathryn Rhodes, each coming in at 79.

Springfield Catholic, behind Grand Medalist Leila Lauderbo 70, was second with 350 points. The third place went to Rola with a score of 372.

Sixteen teams took part in this year’s tournament, one that manager Kevin Kane met with, and he says he felt fortunate to participate.

“With today’s expectations, the way the radar looked when we started, whether or not we were able to go into the championship was questionable,” Kane said. “But overall things have gone well. We got some great grades from a lot of kids today, in an event that was very competitive, so I would say the tournament was a huge success.”

Another good effort by Glendale was for the Falcons, who had not finished second in their previous three games this year. Besides taking home the MSU Relays title on Thursday, they also won Willard earlier this week. The Falcons finished second at Cielo Ridge in Bolivar and Camdenton.

Glendale coach Ron Yukom was more than happy to see his girls win this year’s MSU Relays title.

“It is always fun to win the championship and our kids are doing a great result to get a win here today,” Yokom said. “You know I don’t remember a team of mine getting four girls’ cards in the 70s for one tournament. Today’s win was a huge effort from my kids and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Yucom was not the only one who was proud of the hawks.

“It was raining and cold today, so playing conditions were uncomfortable. But we were focused and played well, to win today, despite the bad weather,” said Page Bowman of Glendale. “Being this year’s MSU Relays Champion feels great, and I’m really proud of my team.”

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Springfield Catholic Lili Lauderbo fired one over 36 on the front side, and two under 34 on the back, to score her best first-round medal under 70.

“I don’t think the weather affected my game physically today, but it certainly affected the mental level,” Luderbo said. “I didn’t play my worst game, but I didn’t play my best either. I just feel good about being able to finish my run at under 70.”

With MSU’s relays now behind them, Glendale’s Yocum said his kids are pumping for what lies ahead.

“We have some big tournaments to prepare for. There’s Pearson, conference and county coming up,” he said. “Hopefully we can do a good job at them and if we are lucky enough then go say. So, even though we had some success early this year, we still have some work to do.”

Final Team Rules

1 – Glendale 312
2. Catholic 350
3 – Rola 372
T4. 373
T4. Willard 373
6. Camdenton 386
7. Kickapoo JV 390
8, New Testament 405
9- Lebanon 411
10- Greenwood 413
11- Central 417
12- Glendale JV 446
13. Wencesville 447
14, Hillcrest 500
15. West Plains 501

MSU RELAY invitation medals

1. Leila Luderbo, Catholic 70
2. Marley Edgeman, Marshfield 73
3. Page Bowman, Glendale 76
4. Savannah Thesing, NCA 77
5. Audrey Duvall, Glendale 78
6. Scotlin Blackington, Glendale 79
7. Catherine Rhoads, Glendale 79

The best school “5”

Glendale 312
Bowman page 76
Audrey Duvall 78
Scotlin Blackington 79
Catherine Rhodes 79
Hana Beck 93

Catholic 350
70- Nada
Nima Tidman 82
Sarah is 93
Audrey Moore 105

Rolla 372
Audrey Smith 84
87- Nada
Alyssa Joyce 95
106- Ali
113- Abdul Majeed

Sarah Jane Trautman 88
Addison Christopher 92
Jenna Crockett 99
My Aquino 101

Willard 373
85- Masoud
91- Emma Howard
Sarah White 98
Dean of Becca 108

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