‘He was one of my best friends’

Patrick Kane #88 and Alex DeBrinkat #12 developed a close bond during their time with the Black Hawks. (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

Patrick Kane is not too happy with the way the current rebuilding process is going in Chicago.

The Blackhawks made shocking moves over the summer, exchanging young stars Alex DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators and Kirby Dutch to the Montreal Canadiens. It didn’t sit well with the fan base, and it wasn’t popular inside the dressing room.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Kane was asked his thoughts on losing the DeBrincat, and he certainly didn’t hold back. The 33-year-old stated that he was initially shocked by the news as the two have formed a strong bond since DeBrincat debuted in 2017.

“It kind of crushes at first when you hear the news. Not only did I feel like we had a great chemistry on the ice, but he was one of my best friends and closest teammates too,” Kane said. than he really is. He’s in a good position out there in Ottawa. He’s going to play some good players and put the numbers and do a good job, and it’s going to be fun to watch him do that.

“But at the same time, you wish you’d do it with him because we had that chemistry, our friendship was off ice. He was at the point where he wasn’t afraid to give it back to me or anything. We really pushed each other.”

Losing a teammate can be difficult, especially when that player becomes a vital member of the team’s heart. There must be some hurt feelings after that.

And Kane isn’t the only Blackhawk who’s bothered by these decisions. Captain Jonathan Toyos was also surprised after learning of DeBrincat and Dach’s trades, saying that the departure of two young up-and-coming skaters initially angered him.

But after chatting with GM Kyle Davidson, the 34-year-old now better understands the tough front office decision to part with both players in favor of future assets.

It’s possible that Black Hawks haven’t finished selling their star players either. There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months about whether Kane and Toews – who are entering the final season of their contracts – will be traded.

After DeBrincat and Dach relocated over the summer, it would make sense to continue ripping through the trading of the last remaining members of the franchise from the 2015 Stanley Cup.

With Kane in particular, the 2016 Hart and Art Ross award winner hasn’t worried about his future in Chicago. For now, he is focused on helping his team win as many matches as possible this season.

Kane played 1,107 games in the National Hockey League, scoring 430 goals and 1,180 points. He has won three Stanley Cups and was named the 2013 Coon Smith Cup as the Most Valuable Player in the Playoffs.

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