“Hey Tiger, You Know What?”: After mocking Tiger Woods in front of 2,000 people, a careless John Daly produced the epic response

John Daly and Tiger Woods are the names anyone who’s ever heard of golf knows very well. Both golfers have been on good terms since they became professionals. In the world of sports, it’s okay to have some friendly foreplay. But sometimes, this candid banter can turn into sarcasm, and lead to potential disagreements between players.

One such incident occurred when Woods once mocked Daley in front of 2,000 people. Dali finally created an epic response, just like his epic character. Last year, he revealed his true feelings about the accident and how it all happened.


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John Daly talks about joking with Tiger Woods

In April of last year, John Daly went to the “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” show. There, Conan and Dali talked about that Dalí dislikes exercise, hates healthy foods, his unapologetic patrons, and the bluff golf cart. During this conversation, Daly mentioned an incident with former No. 1, Tiger Woods. Conan asked about Dali’s patron. Athletes and athletes usually go to sponsors like Nike or Adidas. But Daly has such unusual sponsors as Dunkin Donuts, which raised questions that Conan wanted to know the answer to.

To what does Daly mention how Woods mocked him for his choice of sponsor? Daly was playing with Phil and Hank and Woods hit him. After the match, they all went to a big tent where they talked to the sponsors. There were about 2,000 people. The tiger said to Dali, “Yeah, that’s really cool, JD. Dunkin Donuts and Trimspa.”

Dali answered very cleverly, Hey Tiger, you know what? It is better than AA and Miller light. “ It seems Dali got the last laugh!

Woods tells an interesting story about Dali


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Woods and Daly have been good friends for years now. They often share each other’s stories and remember the fun time they had with each other. The 2007 PGA Championship was a rough time for all golfers. It was hot outside. Everyone was trying to stay hydrated. But Daly, with his colorful personality, opted for an alternative drink and a fun way to stay hydrated, which worked just fine for him.

Golf – 150th Open Championship – Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland, Britain – July 12, 2022 Tiger Woods of the United States during a Reuters/Andrew Boyers press conference

Woods and Daley participated in the 2022 PGA Championship. Woods was asked about his win 15 years ago and what he remembers about it. All Woods could remember was the heat, as it was 109 degrees outside that day. Daly asked how much water he was drinking. Daly said he had thirteen Cokes!


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Currently, Tiger Woods is busy with his new project, which he will launch in 2024 in partnership with Rory McIlroy. John Daly, on the other hand, is battling bladder cancer. All we hope is that he will be back to his happy health soon.

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