How does the confrontation against Tiger Woods look like? This supporter tells us

Billy Ray Brown lost to Tiger Woods at the 1999 Buick Invitational.

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When you win as often as Tiger Woods, it means that you have a lot of second place people behind you as well.

At the 1999 Buick Invitational in Torrey Pines, Billy Ray Brown fired the weekend rounds of 68 and 66 to finish the championship in the under 20.

Woods hit a 62 on Saturday and followed him up with a 65 on Sunday playing in the final pairing with Brown to cut him by two.

“It’s one of those things, you know, he knew he was better than you and you knew he was better than you,” Brown told Colt Nost and Drew Stolles, co-hosts of Subpar Golf Club Colt Nost and Drew Stoles. “This is the way it will be.”

The difference with Woods Eagleing came at Bar-5 on the South Court.

“It was really fun for me because we kind of separate ourselves from the rest of the field,” Brown said. “I hit first [on 18] And every tiger suddenly withdraws. Hit a bullet I didn’t hear all day. he heard! You know what I’m talking about. This thing–it hit me at 70 yards at 18.

“I’m sitting there with 3 irons left in my hand for the front left pin. He has 7 irons.”

Tiger Woods and girlfriend Erica Hermann (bottom left) compete in Serena Williams' US Open on Wednesday.

Watching Tiger Woods watching Serena Williams, we saw something special


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It was Woods’ first win at Torrey Pines and he took seven more titles on the San Diego area court, including the 2008 US Open.

And while strength and intimidation were Woods’ biggest assets in the early part of his career, Brown noticed how well he thought his way around the golf course. , whether at Torrey Pines or from his interview in Houston when Woods was a teenager taking lessons from Butch Harmon.

“Damn it, he was smart,” Brown said. “He understood how to play… He was OK with not being perfect. I wish I played like this.

“We see a lot of young players who, in my opinion, are incredible from the tee to the green and they understand the nuances of playing the game itself, and he was above everyone I saw, the way he plays. How he set up corners. How he could shape a path. How he took the shots. How do you move it the other way.

“That guy simply amazed me.”

You can hear more from Brown, including his embarrassing shot against Woods and the time he was denied the opportunity to play an exclusive course with defender Master Champ, in the full interview below.

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