It’s impressive: Anthony Walker Jr.’s injury leaves Brown’s defense without one of its most vociferous leaders.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Jeremiah Oso Kuramoah was on the sidelines dealing with his injury when it occurred.

But in Cleveland’s 29-17 Thursday night win over the Steelers, the moment quarterback Anthony Walker Jr. fell and had to be sent off, he didn’t lose his teammate as the stadium stalled.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” Osoo Kuramoah told after the match. “We spend a lot of time training and we do a lot of hard work, a lot of sweat and tears. Until you see that, especially with the person with whom you have a personal relationship, it is difficult. He understands the game of football. It is a difficult game. You can just play the cards dealt to you “.

This hand is definitely tough to handle with a Brown Walker.

A league source told on Friday that Walker will miss the season with a quadriceps tendon rupture.

The play ended with Walker on a wagon and the air hit his left leg at 10:34 in the third quarter. Walker went on the hunt for an on-screen play, as Steelers quarterback Mitchell Trubesky was linked with back-to-back Jalen Warren.

Tackle Chukwuma Okorafor placed a nugget on Walker during the sequence, and when Walker lay on the ground, Okorafor jumped over him. It was not reported due to the strike on Walker, but was deemed a ineligible recipient.

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As the medical staff tended to Walker on the field, Brown’s players rode in. Miles Jarrett, Tony Fields II, Jacob Phillips, Jacobi Brissett and others gather around Walker before he is taken off the field, in agony.

“I went up to him and said, ‘We’ll finish this for you,'” Fields told “And that was what he was doing for him, too. At the end of the day, we’re here to finish the job.”

“Since I came here to the Cleveland Browns, the A-Walk has been like a big brother to me, so it hit me a little bit more emotional. But our team, we all know it’s a long game in the NFL and it’s the mentality of the next guy. So we were all ready.” (Coach Linebackers Jason) Tarver is doing a good job preparing everyone, so the next guy was to do what we had to do and make Anthony proud.”

It was a message echoed by Phillips, Walker’s replacement at the MIKE linebacker spot.

“I told him when he was on earth that God commands our steps,” Phillips said. “I’m definitely sad as my brother as a teammate because he suffered whatever the injury, I don’t even know.”

With Walker out long distances, and on top of losing a rookie, Brown also now has to deal with the loss of one of the most vocal leaders, captains and glue men in the locker room, at a time when the defense needs to talk more than ever.

During the first two games of the season, the Browns were open about their miscommunication issues, allowing both the Panthers and the Jets to take advantage of the big plays—against the Jets, those plays played a big role as the Browns suffered a devastating 31. -30 loss.

It’s not just an inspirational talk given by Walker. He’s the man with the primary green label, the only designated player who takes defensive calls from the sideline to his headset and relays them to the rest of the defense.

Walker and Phillips swore those duties, but given that Brown’s communication problems were player-to-player in the first two games, it certainly hurts to lose the initiator with such key responsibility. Kevin Stefansky said Friday that Phillips did his green label duties when Walker left, and will do so going forward. But more focus will be needed on in-game talking and repeat calls now with Walker out.

“Just taking the call and repeating the call, especially at the back end, I think that’s more important,” said Jon Johnson III after the match. “We hate to see him fall, but we’ll be fine.”

With Walker out, Phillips stepped up and handed the Browns down the extension.

When the Steelers tried to come back, facing the third and third, Phillips sacked Trubesky in a blitz, ultimately forcing Pittsburgh to a three-goal win. A few minutes later, he had a major passing breakup that was aiming for the end of Pat Fryermouth’s court.

“When the team is counting on me, when I’m under pressure, that’s when I feel the most thriving, when I’m there and I’m able to adapt during the game, and I kind of feel the game,” Phillips said. which I was able to do.”

But despite Phillips’ delivery, it wasn’t necessarily easy at the moment.

It is a mindset that they will have to maintain now, without moving forward with better communication with them.

“A man like that is already coming down and making a fire under you,” said Garrett. “So seeing him go down in that moment really showed us how fragile the game is for any of us and no actor is really guaranteed. So you have to go out there and give it your all, knowing he’s going to do his best no matter the circumstances, if he can.” Get up and keep playing, so we’re just trying to play for him and keep going.”

Osu-Kuramoah getting ready for an MRI

He added that Owusu-Kuramoah injured his thigh in a non-contact match in the third quarter. It was the same series in which Walker was injured and never came back

“Yes, I’m fine,” said Oso Kuramoah. “I’m going to get an MRI tomorrow.”

The second-year full-back is one of the most versatile players in Brown’s defence. Through three games, according to Pro Football Focus, Owusu-Koramoah has a score of 80.0 in defense, the fourth-highest on the team.

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