Jimmy Garoppolo’s hilarious memory from first playing as QB for the 49ers

SANTA CLARA – Understandably, there were a lot of things going on Jimmy Garoppolo’s mind when he entered Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks due to the Tre Lance injury.

And while he didn’t see a single representative in training camp with the squad this summer, the veteran player took charge of the attack and was immediately impactful in the victory.

Now that things have calmed down (a bit), does Garoppolo remember the first thing he said to his teammates on that wonderful day?

“It’s tough,” Garoppolo said after training on Thursday. “I don’t know, man. A lot of things are said there. We were all just excited. It was a third down, so [my] The brain was kind of going in that direction – thinking about coverings and what [the Seahawks] They will do it.”

Garoppolo climbed below center with 2:12 left in the first quarter, just moments after Lance suffered a broken ankle that ultimately ended his season. He called wide receiver Brandon Aiok right away for a 4 yard gain, and set a 33-yard field goal to kick Ruby Gold.

When he released the football to finally complete it, everything seemed to be going well. But then the arrogant Uchenna Nwosu in Seattle gave Garoppolo the perfect welcome for his NFL moment.

Then I smoked, the rest is history,” Garoppolo said, laughing.

Garoppolo previously described his first play—and hitting it back under the quarterback by Albert Brier of Sports Illustrated—as somewhat of a wake-up call.

And it worked, going on to finish the game with 154 yards on a 13-of-21 pass to help put the 49ers into the winning column.

The performance also helped him earn an additional $350,000 in playtime incentives, and he’ll be looking to do so again when she travels to San Francisco to take on Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos this weekend at Sunday Night Football.

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The game will mark Garoppolo’s first start to the season, and the Faithful 49ers can be sure he’ll be looking to make the most of it under the prime-time lights — even if he doesn’t remember what to say at the rally.

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