Larson clears the air with Elliot over the Fontana incident

Hendrick Motorsports teammates Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott went over what happened near the end of last weekend’s race at Auto Club Speedway, and Larson thinks it went just fine.

“It was nice to have a conversation and it’s nice to move in with her,” Larson said after qualifying second at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “It has gone well. Honestly, better than I expected. He is a good teammate and I will do my part to be a great teammate every week and hopefully no situations like what happened last week will happen.”

Larson met Elliott on Saturday in Las Vegas. The reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion explained his side of the contact from last weekend, where as he moved right to prepare to enter Turn 1 while fighting Joey Logano, Elliott ended up hitting the wall. Elliott tried to get ahead of Larson and make it a three-length fight for the top spot.

“I felt like he[understands],” Larson said. “He encouraged me. Like I said, he was always a great teammate. Both of them are young. We will both fight for victories together. Hopefully nothing like this will happen again.”

Fox Sports reporter Bob Boucras tweeted that Elliott appreciated Larson’s apology.

While this was the first time Larson and Elliott had personally spoken about the incident, it wasn’t the first time it had been brought up since Sunday. Larson revealed that team owner Rick Hendrick called a meeting with all four of his teams earlier this week. However, it was almost done due to travel schedules on the West Coast, which is why Larson Elliott didn’t see until Saturday’s activities.

“He kind of reiterated his expectations with us drivers,” Larson said. “It’s good to get those reminders now and then and to keep racing well into the future with each other.”

It was the first time Larson remembered in his short stint as a HMS driver that Rick Hendrik was involved.

“He’s been to competition meetings, things like that, and we’ve had multiple meetings about different things, but in terms of racing things, this is the first meeting I remember he was in,” Larson said. “I think we all know his expectations, and after the accident last week, it was good for him to step in again and tell us what the expectations are.”

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