Mike Leach doesn’t think Arc Manning’s trip to Texas will cost $280,000

The enlistment trip that helped the Texans land Arch Manning looks staggering, with $280,000 reported for the weekend that secured Peyton and Ellie’s nephew.

Mike Leach is literally unbelievable.

The Mississippi State head coach admitted that he also read an Athletic account that found, through open enrollment requests, that a mid-June weekend that hosted Texas Manning and eight other recruits cost more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Arch Manning heads to Texas after reportedly racking up $280,000 over the weekend.
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But even with the expenses that included airline tickets and car service, hotel rooms, a $17,000 lunch buffet, $29,000 buffet dinner and everything from ice sculptures to bars open to parents, Leach can’t fathom a $280,000 recruiting visit.

“Have you ever been to or heard of rooms that can take that much for $280,000? Let’s make it really expensive,” Leach said on his Thursday radio show. There are eight recruits by default. Let’s make those rooms $3000 a piece. There exactly I still did not get upset with him.

“I think that’s flowery,” he said. “…But I would be curious if someone could be creative enough to find a way to spend that much money in that amount of time on so many people. I would be curious exactly how it was done and what they did. I have some serious and serious doubts about This matter “.

    Mississippi State Bulldogs, head coach Mike Leach, argues on a call
Mike Leach isn’t buying up his enlistment weekend at Arch Manning.
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According to records recorded by The Athletic, Texas spent nearly $47,000 on 34 hotel rooms in Austin for recruits, family members, and some coaches and employees. The report stated that even before the campus festivities began, Texas spent $65,000 before recruits arrived at the university.

The enlistment visit was on the weekend of June 17th. Manning publicly committed to Texas on June 23.

Leitch, who is in charge of the 2-1 Bulldogs, said the Clarion crossed offset. “They wink and wink and kind of push each other, which is understandably not true. …Here, we go through the motions of pretending that everything written is true. More than at any time in my life, the things I have read are not true. My suspicions that this enters into That class. I don’t know, but I’d like to take a quick one-hour course on how to spend $280,000 in 48 hours.”

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