MLB The Show 22: 10 Best Players in the Right Field

Many young players note that, between games, shooters often play on the right field between starts. The interpretation of this is very relevant in MLB Show 22 Where players can play as a two-way player and may want to play the bowler on the right field.

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Want to show off that arm gun and have the chance to get rid of the racers who mark third and home? Nobody gets as many opportunities to aid the field as the right players do, and the elites can show off their arm on the field and their skills in the plate to wow MLB Show 22 players.

Updated July 18, 2022 by Hodey Johns: This list first appeared before the season started. All-Star Week marks the halfway point for the season. So, how did the analysts do? Of course, no one is perfect. Some players who were expected to do poorly ended up putting on a great first half, so they needed to be added to the list. The others who were well overlooked did not live up to the experts’ expectations, so they had to be abandoned. You could even see a hot or cold streak that the worst ranked player makes this list or the top ranked player loses their luck altogether. That’s how things have been shaken so far.

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14 Teoscar Hernandez – Total 81

There shouldn’t be a huge gap between Tuscar Hernandez and the players in front of him. No disrespect for them whatsoever, but Hernandez has won two Silver Slugger Awards for being the best hitter in his position for two years in a row now.

By rating, Hernandez is an above average player with a good touch of pace. The place he really shines is against the leftists, with contact and strength numbers that should make many managers consider bringing in an assistant when Hernandez climbs to the plate.

13 Mitch Haniger – Total 81

In 2021, Mitch Hanegger had his best attack of the last year. He has achieved career highs in home runs, RBIs, and goals scored. This year, he’s still playing beyond expectations, playing for the Mariners who are one of the most exciting baseball teams in the All-Star game.

In terms of his ratings, they are all average to above average range apart from his durability of 96. He won’t need any downtime for Mariners in the game this year and will have a steady presence on the right court.




9 Taylor Ward – Total 82

2022 looks set to be a standout season for Taylor Ward, a champion often unknown to the Angels. Those who assign ratings are not yet sure what they are doing with it. They’ve improved his stats to match his production, but his area against the right and left is still completely blue.

He’s still a solid player in the game. Each hitting class other than bunting is 56 or better. His rating at 95 contacts against lefties and 94 systems are the highlights, but he is talented in everything except for stealing the rules.

8 Juan Soto – Total 83

Despite being honored for the second time in a row in the All-Stars, ratings raters weren’t impressed with Juan Soto this year. The season started about 10 percent higher than it is now. But he is still one of the best players, both in video games and on the field.

Soto might be the toughest player in the game, with an almost all-red strike zone and a high discipline score of 125. Players looking to call up on the way to the show as quickly as possible will want to hit like Soto and mix in some defense and speed as well.

7 Starling Marte – Total 84

Although Starling Marte didn’t start the year on this list, it wasn’t because he forgot to adjust the rating. He was listed as a midfielder, but the Mets, with his skill and arm strength, decided to take him to the right field. It worked out so well, he’s back in All Star status after a five-year hiatus.

Perhaps the only player in the region who forgets when they improve in Road to the Show is their base game play. Marte achieved a maximum of 99 points in both Steal Aggression and Basic Attack. It makes smart choices on the base lane and never says “no” to clearing the bag.

6 Hunter Renfroe – Total 85

In 2022, Hunter Renfrew will be in his fourth hometown in four years. Usually, this indicates that the player is a passenger. But Renfrew was seen as one of the best in his position for years; Teams are only eager to get his contract through trade more than most other players.

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As the game develops, the right players don’t always have the classic features anymore. It’s not Renfrew, though, who has a missile in his arm that summons an Armament Score of 95. His strength against lefties is unrealistic, as he exceeded the usual max and landed at 105.

5 Kyle Tucker – Total 89

Kyle Tucker had some pretty bad interruptions in 2021 when it came to the official hardware. Far from losing the World Championship, he was also on the verge of getting an All-Star, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove nomination. Unfortunately, none of them came out. This year, he’s already earned his first All-Star nod, so things are starting to get better.

Tucker was not given extreme stats (nothing over 90), which might fool some opponents. But besides bunting, Tucker has no fewer than 50 in every other category. Those stuck behind him on the Astros bench will either need to change positions or wait a long time before seeing the pitch.

4 Mookie Betts – Total 96

Is there an award the Mookie Betts hasn’t won? Is there a cup he didn’t lift? The world champion of two different organizations has received more prizes than can be cramped in this paragraph. He was not even thirty years old.

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It would be hard to find a more complete player than Bates. In the Offensive state, he scored above 69 in every attribute outside of bunting. In defense, he’s better at 79 or higher. A score of 62 or better on each base sprint score rules out placing Bates on base.

3 Bryce Harper – Total 96

Last year’s best player was on his way to another stellar season before his broken thumb derailed him. Hopes are that he’ll be back sometime this year because the groggy Velez might use him. Everyone in Major League Baseball knows what to bring to the table.

He has an above average defense, a more than perfect 109 in the clutch, and a strength against the right hand that would have them nervous to push him with anything near the plate. Players will need to wear gear to get close to these types of stats on their player.


1 Ronald Acuna Jr. – Total 97

Those who want to improve on Road to the Show should copy everything Ronald Acuna Jr. does. With seventeen traits overall, Acuna is 74 or better in all but three traits. And two of these are bunting. There’s no questioning how he’s come in the last two All-Star games.

Don’t let his elaborate game fool anyone into thinking he’s not an elite. He’s got over 90 scores in five categories, including over 100 strength points against lefties. Opponents in the National League are not happy that he has such a bright future.

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