MLB The Show 22 Week-Long Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online members can try the full game for one week at no additional cost or restrictions.

Nintendo continues to try to fine-tune the deal for its online membership, now in the form of gaming experiences. As announced via Twitter, the latest annual baseball game, MLB The Show 2022, is now fully available to download and play for Nintendo Switch Online members. Note that this is not with the subscription expansion pack, but the basic version, which most Switch users simply have to play online.

The game can be played at no additional cost until July 21, 2022, after which the trial period will expire and you will be denied access. However, your game data can be saved, so that your progress does not disappear if you choose to purchase the game later. To motivate that, the game has been slashed to $29.99 through July 22.


MLB The Show 2022, released on April 5th, is the latest iteration of the MLB The Show series. This particular title marks a stark departure from the series as it was the first time “The Show” was available on the Nintendo platform. The show was previously exclusive to PlayStation, being made by San Diego Studio, the first-party PlayStation team, however, at MLB’s insistence, the series was made available on Xbox with The Show 2021, and now on all three major platforms in 2022.

MLB The Show 2022 received generally positive reviews on the Switch, with a Metacritic score of 81, but It was average from only 4 reviewers. Several gamers have praised the baseball simulation’s basic mechanics, but stress that the Switch’s lower-end hardware hampered the visuals and even the game’s performance. This is why this game experience feels appropriate; Players can try it out first, to see if they find the Switch version acceptable, and then move on from there.

Nintendo appears to be seeking to increase the value of its online membership, recently offering a week-long (now unavailable) trial of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a precursor to this year’s sequel, Sparks of Hope. While some may find the limited trial aspect unattractive, especially when considering that PlayStation and Xbox are simply giving away their paid online games to keep every month, there is undeniable value here. This is especially true for single-player campaign games, where players can virtually finish the game in less than a week, and get their full value out of the experience.

Nintendo Switch Online costs $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

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