MLB World Championship Power Rankings: The Hadron Dodgers

With the MLB postseason closed, the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to show why they are the most feared team in the league.

Here are the top ten favorites for the World Championship from FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers +310 (last week: +320, No. 1)

Entering the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday, he led the MLB with 104 wins and they are all on their way to flaunting the best record in the league as soon as the post-season arrives, giving them an edge on their entire home ground.

2. Houston Astros +400 (last week: +410, No. 2)

Like the Dodgers, the Houston Astros continued to be the biggest threat in the MLS and are close to snatching the top seed and getting a court in their pursuit to grab the AL flag.

3. New York Yankees +500 (last week: +500, No. 4)

There have been questions about whether or not the New York Yankees can hold the number one spot in the Middle East, but those questions have been largely erased recently, leaving them to hold their 7.5 in the Middle East and have an 8-2 on their account. past ten matches.

4. New York Mets +550 (last week: +480, #3)

The New York Mets are in a heated fight with the Atlanta Braves for the NL East Championship, and they currently have a 1.5 game lead on September 23rd. To be reckoned comes October.

5. Atlanta Braves +900 (last week: +750, No. 5)

Once October comes around, it will be hard to count the reigning world champions Atlanta Braves, which shows how difficult it is to win the National League playoffs.

6. Toronto Blue Jays +1500 (last week: +1800, #6)

The Toronto Blue Jays still finished first in the Major League Wild Card, but they dropped Game 1 of a pivotal four-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays, which could dictate which team owns a field in the first round of the post-season.

7. St. Louis Cardinals +1700 (last week: +2200, No. 7)

It wasn’t a good offensive week for St.

8. Seattle Mariners +2000 (last week: +2700, No. 8)

That wasn’t a nice stretch for the Seattle Mariners over the past week, as they set a 4-6 record but still sit 3rd Wild Card in the AL. Even with the recent recession, sailors have seen their World Championship odds drop from +2700 to +2000.

9. Cleveland Guardians +3200 (last week: +4400, no order)

It was an impressive extension for the Cleveland Guardians, who remain one of the most unrestrained teams in MLB. Having one of the best tournaments in the beginning, Guardians will be tough in the post season and watch their World Championship odds drop from +4400 to +3200,

10. Tampa Bay Rays +3200 (last week: +3100, #9)

The Tampa Bay Rays started their series with the Toronto Blue Jays on a positive note, and that could go a long way in helping them gain an advantage at home in the first round of the MLB playoffs.

FanDuel Sportsbook World Championship Odds

Team Current possibilities
Los Angeles Dodgers 290
Houston Astros 400
New York Yankees 450
New York Mets 550
Atlanta Braves 950
Toronto Blue Jays 1500
St. Louis Cardinals 1800
Seattle Mariners 2800
Cleveland Guardians 3200
Tampa Bay Rays 3200
San Diego Padres 3600
Philadelphia Phyllis 3700
Milwaukee Brewers 20000
Baltimore Orioles 50000
Chicago White Sox 100,000
Minnesota Twins 500,000
San Francisco Giants 500,000
Boston Red Sox 500,000

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