Moment Dog tries to prevent college packing bag owner from going viral

An adorable video of a spaniel sitting in its owners’ briefcase impressed TikTok users, with one person writing, “Oh my gosh, my heart.”

In the video, which was posted by @louisamillie and viewed more than 1.6 million times, the cute dog can be seen sitting atop her bag furiously wagging its tail, while the text reads “I pack up for uni” with the caption “She comes with me xoxo.”

User hollie <3 commented: "I swear spaniels are emotional dogs." Although we tend to associate working dogs with Labradors and retrievers, almost any breed can become therapy dogs, which differ from service dogs in that they require much less training and do not get special exemptions.

In a blog post about the pet food website Vital Essentials, Kathleen West writes: “My three-year-old English baby Springer Spaniel and Charlie and I visit our local nursing home every week without fail. We’ve built relationships with both residents and staff at home. We also work regularly with the local public library. To be clear, therapy dogs are not service animals or emotional support animals.”

She says it’s easy to train a therapy dog ​​to learn a few tricks, including backing up.

“Whether you’re in a nursing home or a crowded library, it’s important to make sure your therapy dog ​​is used to curling up in corners, literally,” West writes.

Stock image of a spring spaniel. An adorable video of a spaniel sitting in its owners bag has impressed TikTok users.
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“In a nursing home, Charlie often has to climb under chairs and across walkers to get to his friends. Frequently he has to sit squashed on a bookshelf in the library.

“This may sound trivial, but being in close quarters with weird furniture and new people isn’t something we had been doing before we actively started visiting! It took a while to live under our belts.”

She continues: “Dog therapy visits require you to be in contact with your dog. At a certain point in each visit, Charlie tilts his head toward me and gives me a look that only means one thing: ‘You need to get me out of here.'” I have finished.

“If Charlie gets past this point, he won’t do anything bad. He pretty much refuses to move. It’s his version of a tantrum. But still, I always leave before it gets to that point.”

Users on TikTok have shared their own experiences of having to leave their pets and what they mean to them.

Astraeus commented, “Stop, he made me cry knowing I couldn’t take my spaniel girl with me. So right I’m going to face my brother daily to show my baby.”

Katieet1 wrote: “My dog ​​is the reason I got my degree and didn’t train. I’m not even kidding.”

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