NHL Burning Questions: Ottawa Senators

This is the latest file in THN.com’s ongoing “The Three Important Questions” series. In this series, we ask three big questions for every NHL team ahead of the start of the 2022-23 regular season. In this dossier, we ask three important questions about Senators in Ottawa.

Three burning questions for Senators in 2022-2023:

1. How quickly can the Senators have significant off-season time together to dramatically increase the effectiveness of a team’s attack? Not long. GM Senator Pierre Dorion arguably made the best moves of any of his teammates last summer, landing young star Alex DeBrinkat, veteran star Claude Guerreux and veteran goalkeeper Cam Talbot. The three acquisitions should make a big impact in their own distinct ways: DeBrincat brings in his soft hands, sharp eye and consistency in disc recording; Giroux is a playmaker with the ability to score 20 or more goals; Talbot carried his fiercely competitive nature into a fight to play with Anton Forsberg.

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