NHL Stanley Cup Favorites Bet and Longshots to Win

NHL training camps are now starting to kick in and that means it’s time to take a deeper look at the lists that may be in the playoff game this coming season. BetAnySports It has already released Stanley Cup odds as well as all kinds of other futures contracts. Let’s take a closer look at which teams are worth betting to win all this season.

Favorites to win the Stanley Cup

Defending champion Colorado Avalanche (+450) will enter the season as the favorite once again. They actually lost a few key players during the free agency, including Nazim Qadri and Darcy Comber, but they did a great job retooling to hold what they had. One year after they won the Stanley Cup, Avalanche will compete again in 2023.

In the East, the Toronto Maple Leafs price (+1000) is the highest. Shockingly, the Maple Leafs are your second best bet to reach and win the Stanley Cup. That’s amazing considering Toronto hasn’t won a playoff streak dating back to 2004 and haven’t won the cup since 1967. However, they scored 115 points last season with a list that is more than capable of moving forward considering the talent they still possess. owns.

Meanwhile, the Florida Panthers (+1200) are right there with the Leafs to the east. They had the best record in the league last season but collapsed in the playoffs against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They’ve also made a major off-season change with the arrival of a new head coach on the roster that will be without Jonathan Huberdeau, MacKenzie Wiegard. Although they acquired Matthew Tkachuk to partner with the rest of their strong core to get them back into the post-season.

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The Longshots to win the Stanley Cup

One longer shot that has some serious potential is Edmonton Oilers (+1600). The Oilers clearly have a talented attacking group led by Conor McDavid and Leon Driesitl. They re-signed Evander Kane in the off-season and tried to bolster this goalkeeper by bringing in Jack Campbell. After three straight seasons of playoffs, including the Western Conference Finals appearance a year ago, the Oilers could be ready to break.

The Calgary Flames (+1800) is another long shot worth pursuing. The trade to deliver Tkachuk versus Huberdeau and Weegar shakes up their list a lot. Especially considering that Johnny Goudreau left in free agency. Calgary then signed Nazem Qadri from champion Avalanche, so they could still have the talent needed to take it all the way.

One other team worth a look is the New York Rangers (+2000). They reached the Eastern Conference finals last year behind the best goalkeeper in the world, Igor Shesterkin. The Vezina Cup winner is back to lead them but now this team has the supplement experience they were lacking. At 20/1, they might deserve to play as this is a young roster that is clearly growing in the Eastern Conference.

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