Phil Mickelson’s father, a former Navy pilot, once taught his son a valuable lesson that deeply affected him

Phil Mickelson is famous for many reasons among his fans. But his fans love him the most for being a family man. The golfer has always been very expressive about his relationship with his wife and parents. He once shared a story where his father punished Mickelson and his sister for his disobedience.

Phil Mickelson gave details of his father’s harsh punishment


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Mickelson’s father was a US Navy pilot, which confirmed that Lefty had a strict background during his childhood. He once spoke of an incident when he and his sister disobeyed their father and were punished for it. Mickelson sat in a private chat called “Phireside with Phil” with his old man discussing events from his childhood.

Jan 27 2022; San Diego, California, USA; Phil Mickelson acknowledges the crowd after a shot on the fourth green during the first round of the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament at Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course – South Course. Mandatory credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports / REUTERS

Mickelson introduced his father to the show and said he is “A man of few words.” However, Mickelson did not give him a chance to speak either because he started telling a story about his childhood. That was by the time Phil and Tina Mickelson were four and six years old.

It was Halloween and the siblings were craving some candy they had collected from the neighborhood. But the old man refused their request because it was too close to dinner time for any dessert. However, their father’s denial wasn’t enough to stop their quest for candy.

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Phil and Tina snuck into the upstairs bedroom closet and started eating candy. But it wasn’t long before their father caught the two red-handed. “My dad came and knew exactly what we were doing, he grabbed us and took all the candy and burned it right here in this fireplace,” Mickelson said.

Does Mickelson have a pilot’s license like his father?

Mickelson’s father inspired him to learn to fly. The golfer has always been fascinated by the idea of ​​flying planes and even got his pilot’s license. Since then, Mickelson has flown several small planes across the country.


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He even traveled to his daughter’s graduation party. However, the golf legend refrains from flying his luxury private jet and leaves it to the professionals. Mickelson had no plans to join the Navy as a pilot, but his love for airplanes is no less appreciated than that of an old man.

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