Preview Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons Week 3

A win over the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons at home will help spark some optimism again after the Seahawks’ poor performance last week.

SEATTLE – The goodwill gained from the Seahawks’ stunning win over Denver Broncos’ Russell Wilson’s is dwarfed if not completely gone.

The team’s 27-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers last week underlined how far Seattle is from most of the Major League Soccer. (This highlights how rookie Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett failed in a win-win game in Week One.)

The Seahawks Week 1 win was undoubtedly important to the fans and the franchise, but the team couldn’t beat the entire season with one big win.

A win over the home-sitting Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon will help spark some optimism once again.

game info

  • the matchSeahawks (1-1) vs Falcons (0-2)
  • time: Sunday, 1:25 pm
  • Site: Lumen Field, Seattle, Washington
  • Seahawks key: Jenno Smith (QB), DK Metcalf (WR), Tyler Lockett (WR)
  • Major Hawks: Marcus Mariota (Qatar), Drake London (Australia), Kyle Bates (TE)

Stone Age crime in Seattle

Through two games the Seahawks’ offensive was pretty poor. Which is what we mostly expected with quarterback Gino Smith leading the attack.

But the extent to which sea hawks have committed a crime befitting the Stone Age is remarkable. First, they score only 12 points per game, which is the 30th lowest in the National Football League (NFL).

Seattle only runs 48 games per game, easily the lowest mark in the league. The Seahawks were also last in every game at 56 times in 2021. Their pace of play is the 28th slowest, according to Football Outsiders.

Here’s the point of the resistance: Smith’s average throw travels just 5.2 yards, as the veteran appears unwilling to extend the field. (Or, perhaps, coach Pete Carroll isn’t planning on having open machinations of his to take advantage of. We’ll see.)

Unless something drastic changes, these offensive tweaks seriously damage the roofs of wide receivers DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, who have combined for 206 yards in two games this season. Michalf’s average target depth was 13.4 with Wilson in 2021; That mark has dropped to 7.8 this year.

There’s nothing else going on in the pass-catching ranks, because the top two shows dominated 48% of the Seahawks’ goals.

Tight end Noah Fant, a potential pre-season breakout candidate, has run way on just 54% of Smith’s drop points and is averaging 13.5 yards per game.

Can Smith unlock more attack parts or is this unit destined to play as if it was 1945?

What’s going on in the Seahawks backfield?

This is not much better. Kenneth Walker III made his debut in Week 2 and entered a three-man panel totaling 34 yards on 12 buggies.

Travis Homer led all of the Seahawks’ back runs with 45% and ran most of the trio’s tracks, according to Pro Football Focus. He scored 42 yards on six touches.

Rashad Bini, the lead in shots last week, ran on the field for 41% of the shots and was ineffective on the ground (15 yards).

Walker was third on the field for only 12 shots, but he dominated touchdowns in a time limited by six chances.

In the second half, Carroll made the amazing decision to play with fours at the same time… only for DeeJay Dallas to throw a pass attempt that was intercepted in the red zone. This questionable gameplay call missed a rare opportunity for the unparalleled Seahawks attack.

Bottom line: None of the defenders played well or broke away from their peers, so this could be another counter-productive mess on Sunday afternoon.

Fantasy Football Advice

Ah, don’t really start anyone attacking the Seahawks. Metcalf, Penny, and Lockett are possible FLEX options, but nothing more. We’re still a few weeks away from Walker III claiming the lion’s share of running back touches.

injury report

Seahawks: Quandre Diggs and linebacker Cody Barton’s safety was practically restricted on Thursday after missing out on Wednesday entirely. Guards Gabe Jackson and Damien Lewis were promoted to full entrants on Thursday.

However, the status of the Austin Blyth Center is uncertain. He was tied up on Wednesday and did not train on Thursday.

hawks: Atalanta received a clean injury report on Thursday, with only one player missing from training but that was out of a personal matter rather than an injury.

anticipate the game

Falcons 27, Seahawks 17.

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