St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols excels in his 698th career home run against the Cincinnati Reds

Street. Lewis – The Cardinals’ Albert Pujols made his 698th home football career Friday night in a 6-5 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

With one in the sixth inning, Pujols, 42, swung in first court from softened Raynel Espinal, an 84-mph slide, and fired a 427-foot shot into left field. Paying in two stages on Friday tied the score 4-4.

The crowd had already stood in anticipation, and the Pujols rotated the bases in massive cheers.

“I was just looking for a good ground to hit,” he said. “I put the best swing at night [on it]. In fact… the last one I thought had also disappeared, but this place is clearly difficult as you guys know.”

Pujols was referring to a deep fly ball in the seventh shot caught in the warning lane, and just lost number 699. According to ESPN’s stats and information, the ball would have gone out in 12 other courts.

Pujols is fourth on the home run list, trailing Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755) and Bay Ruth (714).

His companions in the second half coincided with his team’s advance in the standings. The Cardinals, who in the All-Star break were half a game behind the Milwaukee Brewers for the first time at NL Central, now lead the division by seven and a half games.

“All of his teammates are meaningful at the moment,” said Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol.

Friday night’s Homer, who had an exit speed of 106.3 mph, was the Pujols’ 19th on the season, the second-most in a season at 42 or older. He has 12 home runs since August 10, one behind Aaron Judge and Eugenio Suarez for the most in MLB during that time.

“Just before the All-Star break, I started swinging the bats pretty well,” Pujols said. “Earlier in the year I was hitting the ball hard, no luck. I was hitting the ball at over 100mph and right at people. You get frustrated. You have to keep trusting the process and hard work and know it will turn around.”

“If you don’t turn around, you’re in trouble. Things have turned in my favor. I thank God for that.”

Pujols has a six-game RBI streak, his longest since 2017. He took his career up to 2,203 RBI, putting him within 11 of a Ruth for the second time ever. Aaron holds the record at 2297.

“It would be one thing if he was just chasing her, but the thing is that he takes an incredible approach and delivers when we need him most,” Marmol said.

The Cardinals’ ninth inning home race was overshadowed by Ryan Hillsley, who shot three Reds across nine pitches to make the Premier League’s sixth inning in MLB this year.

The Pujols are unlikely to start both ends of the double header on Saturday as the Cardinals have three home games left before the West Coast trip. Huge crowds, including over 47,000 on Friday, turned out all week to see him. He did not disappoint as he approached another Homer closer to the 700 club.

“I am so thankful, grateful and blessed to be back here and finish my career where I started,” he said.

“And I’m having a wonderful year.”

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